Hot Wheels: Doubles

Some castings, I like so much I might get a second (or sometimes a third model). The Dodge Demons in blue and orange complement each other.

Hot Wheels '71 Dodge Demon

Hot Wheels ’71 Dodge Demon

Wheel variants on the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Mars Curiosity Rover...notice the different colour tyres

Mars Curiosity Rover…notice the different colour tyres


Toyota Pairs

I started with a pair of Dodges, I’ll finish with three Dodge Charger Daytonas, I love this casting it is so over the top with the massive rear spoiler.

Dodge Charger Daytona

Dodge Charger Daytona

4 thoughts on “Hot Wheels: Doubles

  1. Could I ask, in the Toyota Pairs picture, what are the two Toyota’s at the back? One has a number 22 on it. They look great. And can you remember where the burgandy coloured Dodge Charger Daytona came from, was it a single card release or from a multi-pack? Many thanks, Jim.

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