Choosing a model to add to the collection. Wants’ list.

Happiness consists not in a multitude of diecast cars but in their worth and choice.

On Wednesday (1st October 2014), I went to a branch of Pepela and looked through the Hot Wheels selection but didn’t find any I really really wanted…but I didn’t want to leave empty handed, so I considered again those I had passed over. I could have chosen a casting I already had like a Honda Civic EF but no, I wanted something new. Making a short mental list of four: a Ford F150 Pick Up ( a model hadn’t noticed before, but I have a few pick ups, so I passed), a SWAT van (quite tempting, the only Hot Wheels van I have is Sweet Streets), a ’71 Dodge Dart (I have a few Dodges, but not this, again quite tempting), finally I settled for an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. (February 2015: added the SWAT Van to the collection)

Hot Wheels Alfa 8C Competizione

Hot Wheels Alfa 8C Competizione

Why did I choose the Alfa over the others? I’m not really sure myself, maybe because it was an Alfa Romeo, a real petrolhead brand. Jeremy Clarkson said: “You’re not a true petrolhead until you have owned at least one Alfa.” I passed this over before because it seems a bit short and squat, I’m not entirely enthused by its lines. An Alfa Montreal or 2000GTV look far more graceful.

My preferences when collecting models are:

Diecast Brand: Matchbox is my favourite. This is partly for nostalgic reasons, they were the cars I had most when I was a child. The current Matchbox range only has a few vehicles which interest me, I find more in the Hot Wheels range to excite me. I have more Hot Wheels than any other brand, partly because they are more readily available than other brands (except Kinsmart, which is everywhere).

My favourite brands:

  1. Matchbox
  2. Corgi
  3. Majorette
  4. Hot Wheels
  5. Siku

Models: Generally I prefer sports cars from the sixties and seventies, I particularly like the first generation Ford Mustang, second generation Chevrolet Corvette, Maserati Bora, Alfa Romeo Montreal, Citroen SM, Mercury Cougar, Datsun 240Z, Jaguar E Type and Porsche 911.

Scale: 1:64 The scale for Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Majorette. This again is the scale I collected as a child and is usually cheaper to buy and easier to store and display than larger scales. My largest scale models are 1:24, I don’t have any at 1:18.

Car Make: Some makes I prefer to others. I particularly like Porsche, Jaguar and Maserati. In my collection I have most Fords (82), Chevrolets (75) and Porsches (59). I only have  11 Maseratis but that is because they are quite rare, the current Hot Wheels range has only one  Maserati  an MC12, which I haven’t found yet.

Matchbox Maserati Bora

Matchbox Maserati Bora

Despite these preferences I will sometimes choose other vehicles, which interest me or just happen to be available at the time.

1st November 2014: once again in Pepela but a different dilemma as I had found four I wanted but needed to whittle it down to two. Took the two from my wants’ list a ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon and a Porsche 934 Turbo RSR 

My Matchbox Wants’ List are older models, which are not readily available here in Georgia.

  1. Lamborghini Miura…loved this car since seeing it smashed in “The Italian Job” (found the recent casting but really want the 1969 model) I also found a Bulgarian made Matchbox Miura…(11 Feb 2016.) The wheels are different and the interior is black not white. I still want the original Lesney model.


    Bulgarian Matchbox Lamborghini Miura

  2. Foden Cement Mixer.. I have a weakness for cement mixers, I have a few but this is the one I REALLY want. foden-cement-mixer
  3. Ford Mustang… I have a lot of Ford Mustangs this, or the Mercury Cougar, may have been the first American Muscle Car I was aware of…I have the hot rod version of each but I would like the earlier unmodified version.
  4. Mercury Cougar
  5. Jaguar E Type… “the most beautiful car in the world”, as a child I was sorely tempted to steal the Matchbox model, now I’d prefer to find it and buy it legally…I did see one in an antiques shop in York but was deterred by the £45 price tag.
  6. Lamborghini Marzal…✓ one of the first Superfast models this one came with the basic Superfast track set.- I did find a Lamborghini Marzal from the Super GT Series, but I’m still looking for the earlier Superfast model from which it was derived. (found 11 May 2017)
  7. Ferrari 250 GTL Berlinetta … I had a couple of rough models of this casting before I left England but I sold them at a Boot Sale, an act I now regret. The Steven Leary Diecast Collection:
  8. Aston Martin DB2 … old matchbox model from before I was born
  9. Citroen SM … I would like some model of this iconic French car…picked up a beat up model for 20p….would like to find one in better condition.

    Matchbox Citroen SM...this one has had a rough life...

    Matchbox Citroen SM…this one has had a rough life…

  10. Fiat 1500 … it came out in turquoise and a much rarer red
  11. Ford Cortina Mk 2 …✓ I like the light metallic blue, the Superfast model came in (July 2017 received the regular wheels model in a package from Viljar in Estonia)
  12. Cadillac Ambulance…I had one of these too (there is also a different Cadillac Ambulance in the 2016 range which is also worthy of inclusion)
  13. Alfa Giulia Sprint … one of the few recent models which really interests me
  14. Chevrolet Impala Taxi…✓ classic New York Taxi (sent a model from Estonia, January 2016)
  15. Pontiac Convertible … this was a casting before I was born

    Matchbox Pontiac Convertible

    Matchbox Pontiac Convertible

  16. Pontiac GTO … another transitional model released in Regular Wheels and Superfast
  17. Opel Diplomat...metallic gold transitional model, again like with the Citroen SM, I picked up a beat up model in York ✓ (sent a model from Estonia January 2016)


    I now have a pair of Opel Diplomats

  18. Ford GT … white transitional model ✓ (found in York Antiques centre 9 July 2015)
  19. Citroen CX Break model from early 80s, (July 2017 received the regular wheels model in a package from Viljar in Estonia Third Package from Estonia)
  20. Volvo P1800s … a recent model
  21. Mercedes 300 Coupe … the regular wheels model had opening doors AND am opening boot
  22. Mercedes 230SL … convertible Mercedes from 60s
  23. Chevrolet Corvette (Fire Rescue)… I have a weakness for Fire Chief cars
  24. Lamborghini LM002… off road Lamborghini
  25. Ford Mustang Mudstanger…Mustang with 4 x 4 big wheels treatment
  26. Checker Cab … in 2015 range
  27. Mazda MX 5
  28. 66 Dodge A Truck with Firestone decals in 2015 range
  29. Mazda RX 500 renewed interest having seen the car in GT6 (found a rough Streakers model 25 May 2017)
  30. Jaguar F-Type…I saw the real car in the showroom recently a gorgeous carMatchbox Jaguar F Type
  31. Swift Shuttle…coach in the 2016 range
  32. 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-X
  33. Ford Transit News Van
  34. Toyota Prius Taxi
  35. Runway Wrangler
  36. Tesla Model S
  37. Range Rover Evoque
  38. Ford F350 Stake Truck
  39. 93 Ford Mustang “Police”
  40. VW Transporter Cab new for 2016
  41. Volvo V60  … having seen this model in Super I am not so enthused any more
  42. ’64 Austin Mini Cooper
  43. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
  44. ’59 Chevy Wagon (with canoe)
  45. ’51 Hudson Hornet Police
  46. Toyota Tacoma with canopy
  47. Buick Century Fire Chief
  48. Dodge Charger funny car
  49. Porsche Turbo (1979 issue) (found 11 May 2017)
  50. Ford Escort RS 2000
  51. Datsun 260Z
  52. Mercedes 450SEL
  53. Dodge Challenger in metallic dark pink
  54. Land Rover 90
  55. ’90 VW Golf Country

My Hot Wheels Wants’ List merits a separate post (click on the link).

Corgi wants list

I would probably consider most Corgis found here if the price was reasonable, but a few models I would really love are:

  1. Buick Riviera … on the last page of my Ladybird Book of Motor cars (1968)

    Some books and catalogues related to cars and diecasts

    Some books and catalogues related to cars and diecasts

  2. Datsun 240Z East African safari
  3. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray …received two extremely playworn models from Estonia


    very playworn Corvettes

  4. Jaguar Mark X … my father’s dream car (he never realised the dream…but he did have the Corgi)…found a playworn Husky Mark X but would still like the full size Corgi model.
  5. Porsche Targa 911S
  6. Ferrari Dino
  7. De Tomaso Mangusta (found 28 February 2017)
  8. Porsche 911 Police (Corgi Juniors)
  9. Mercedes 230 SL (Corgi Rockets)
  10. Citroen Safari (Corgi Juniors)
  11. Cadillac Eldorado (Corgi Juniors)
  12. De Tomaso Mangusta (Corgi Juniors)
  13. NSU Ro80 (Corgi Juniors)
  14. Jensen Interceptor (Corgi Juniors)
  15. Ford Escort Rally (Corgi Juniors)
  16. Ford Mustang Mach 1 (James Bond)
  17. Mercury Cougar Fire Chief (Corgi Juniors)
  18. Ford Mustang Competition Model This was on the same page of the 1969 Corgi Catalogue as the Ferrari 250 LM and Porsche Carrera 6 (both of which I have). It would be nice to have all three.
    1969 Corgi Catalogue Page 12

    1969 Corgi Catalogue Page 12

    Bburago Wants

  1. Karmann Ghia (1:64) (found 5 March 2015)
  2. VW Notchback (1:64) (found 24 April 2015)
  3. Alpine A110 -50 (1:64) (found 6 September 2015)
  4. BMW 507 (1:32)  (found 20 November 2014)
  5. BMW 2002 (1:32) (found 20 August 2015)
  6. Porsche 911 (1:32)  (found 20 August 2015, but overpriced) (found 14 February 2016)
  7. Alfa 156 “Fire” (1:43) (found 18 May 2015)
  8. Maserati Gran Turismo (1:24)

Maisto wants

  1. Porsche 916 (1:64)
  2. 1969 Dodge Charger (1:24)
  3. 1970 Boss Mustang (1:24)
  4. Datsun 240Z (1:18)

Majorette wants:

  1. Citroen SM
  2. Renault 17
  3. Simca 1100
  4. Mercedes 450SL
  5. Jaguar E Type
  6. Matra Bagheera
  7. Renault R17
  8. BMW 3.0CSL

Siku Wants:

  1. Porsche 911E Targa
  2. Citroen SM
  3. Alfa Montreal

Dinky wants

  1. Opel Commodore
  2. Jensen FF
  3. Range Rover (Fire Chief)
  4. Mercury Cougar
  5. NSU Ro 80 

    Dinky NSU Ro80

    Dinky NSU Ro80

  6. VW Porsche 914
  7. Monterverdi 375L
  8. Lotus Europa

Welly wants

  1. Citroen DS19 Convertible
  2. Ford Mustang
  3. Mercedes 190SL (found 31 July 2016)
  4. Peugeot 404 Cabriolet
  5. Peugeot 504
  6. Pontiac GTO
  7. Citroen 2CV (found 5 November 2016)
  8. Lamborghini Aventador (found January

A folder on my computer entitled “Model Car Wants’ List” has 196 items and growing. I won’t list them all here, the Alfa 8C wasn’t on it but I still got it. Similarly I have a large list of books to read, but the next book I read might not be on the list.


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