Monthly Acquisitions: October 2014

Monthly Acquisitions : October 2014

Monthly Acquisitions : October 2014

The month started with a dilemma, I searched through the Hot Wheels selection at Pepela in Rustaveli, but saw nothing I really wanted, but I wasn’t prepared to leave empty handed, so I made a selection from the models which I had earlier passed over. Finally whittling it down to an Alfa Romeo 8C. You can read more about the psychology of my choices  in a previous post: Choosing a Model

Hot Wheels Alfa 8C Competizione

Hot Wheels Alfa 8C Competizione

Two days later I was in another branch of Pepela (in Vake) which has a wide selection of Siku models. Siku are relatively highly priced compared to Hot Wheels and Matchbox, and the price of individual models varies, so it was with a little trepidation that I went to the counter to ask the price for a Porsche Model I found, the price could have been anything from 6.90 lari to 13.90 lari. The price from the barcode scan came back as 9.90 lari (having told myself I’d leave if it was anything over 10 lari, I made the purchase). The red Porsche I got was the same casting as a green Porsche 911 Carrera S I already had, but I am a great fan of the 911 and was happy to have another one.

Siku Porsche 911 Carrera S

Siku Porsche 911 Carrera

My third purchase of the month was a little different from my usual purchases in that it wasn’t diecast but plastic. It was also quite large (1:28 scale) and had an inertia motor. A UAZ 452 Police Van, for 5 lari (half the price of the much smaller Porsche).

UAZ 452

Hot Wheels Alfa 8C Competizione

On 8th October, venturing into a large supermarket, Carrefour, I found a Matchbox Seagrave Fire Truck. Very few stores here stock new Matchbox models, currently it may only be Carrefour in Tbilisi (Pepela and Super have stocked Matchbox in the past). On a Matchbox forum, I’d heard from other collectors that the Seagrave was difficult to find but Carrefour only had a small Matchbox selection and had not just one but four Seagrave Fire trucks. I just got one.

The plastic base spoils the model a little, it would have been nicer with a chrome plated base but it is one of the more attractive vehicles in the 2014 Matchbox selection, which has too many non-licensed vehicles for my liking. I usually prefer cars to trucks, but I have amassed four recent Matchbox Fire Trucks now.


Monthly Acquisitions : October 2014

If I hadn’t enough red vehicles already this month, my fifth model purchase was also red. A strikingly attractive Lotus Exige S by Kinsmart.

Lotus Exige

Lotus Exige S

Also unusual is the fact that the first five vehicles I purchased were all by different model manufacturers and all purchased on separate days. A trip to Drybridge Market changed that when I found another Hot Wheels car for the collection a Lancia Stratos in the Italian colours of red, white and green. I also found a blue 1927 Panhard 35CV, a plastic 1:43 model made in Tbilisi by Sikharuli, I now have 4 Panhard models (two white, one black and one blue) I would like to find a red one.

Panhard 35CV and Lancia Stratos

Panhard 35CV and Lancia Stratos

15 October: Nana, in the market told me at the start of the month she’d have some model cars in on the 15th. So I duly visited her stall and she didn’t disappoint. There wasn’t a great selection, a couple of Hot Wheels, a Matchbox jungle 5 pack, an unknown lorry with German markings and two Siku models. The Siku Models were new and just 3 lari compared to around 10 lari in the shops, so I got them both a Porsche Carrera GT and a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera GT

Siku Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

Siku Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

Jeremy Clarkson said of the Bugatti Veyron:

They (the Bugatti engineers) weren’t fighting to beat Mercedes or BMW. These guys were fighting to beat heat, and friction and lift. They were fighting nature. And how did  motoring commentators react? Instead of cheering them on and offering support, we laughed at the many and very public setbacks.

Well, the laugh’s on us now because they’ve made it work. When that massive rear spoiler begins to rise on specially cooled hydraulic rams, you can feel the back of the car being pressed into the road.”, back in Vagzlis bas

18 October back in Vagzlis Basroba, Edouard is excited he has some “new” cars to show me. From the selection I choose two Hot Wheels, which are  little playworn a Porsche 959 and a ’65 Chevy Impala,  2 lari each.

Hot Wheels '65 Chevy Impala and Porsche 959

Hot Wheels ’65 Chevy Impala and Porsche 959

21 October: Goodwill (a plush supermarket not a charity shop) has stocked up on Bburago, a lot of temptation, although some of the prices are teeth suckingly high. I saw the BMW 507 on my wants’ list but it was over 30 lari, a 1:24 price for a 1:32 model. I also saw a very nice Porsche 911 in racing livery, but came away with a 1:43 Maserati MC12.

Bburago Maserati MC12

Bburago Maserati MC12

23 October: Super in Vake in their Hot Wheels Box they still have some 2012 models (but at 2014 prices :/ ).

I found a ’66 Ford Fairlane it would have been a strange month without a Ford.  I was hoping for an Australian Ford, there was a Ford Fairlane made in Australia, but this is a miniature version of the American one with the massive 427 cu in engine.

So I can tick off Ford and Chevrolet again.

25 October: I thought I had all the colour variants of the Kinsmart Porsche 911 GT3RS (black, white, silver and metallic grey) but today in my local store to my great surprise I found a matt green one.

Kinsmart Porsche 911GT3RS (green)

Kinsmart Porsche 911GT3RS (green)

27 October: Visited Isaak in Vagzlis Basroba, he showed me a very nice 1956 Alfa Romeo Veloce, but I’d bought one from him before. He also had a BMW M5 and Mercedes G Wagon in 1:43 but they didn’t interest me. I asked if he still had the Renault Alpine A310 “Gendamerie” in the DeAgostini Police Cars of the World series. He did and I succumbed to temptation. The 20 lari it cost took me perilously close to my 100 lari nominative monthly budget.

Alpine Renault A310 "Gendarmerie"

Alpine Renault A310 “Gendarmerie”

29 October: a gift of three Kinsmart cars from one of my wife, Khato’s students, Beka: Lamborghini Murcielago, Porsche Cayman S and New Ford Mustang GT500.

Kinsmart Cars: Lamborghini Murcielago, Porsche Cayman S and Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Kinsmart Cars: Lamborghini Murcielago, Porsche Cayman S and Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Monthly Haul

Vehicle                                  Manufacturer      Price              Shop, Market stall etc..

  1. Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione         Hot Wheels     4.90 lari         Pepela, Rustaveli
  2. Porsche 911 Carrera S                    Siku                  9.90 lari          Pepela, Vake
  3. UAZ Police Van                              unknown             5 lari             Varketili Metro Basroba
  4. Seagrave Fire Truck                       Matchbox          4.50 lari         Carrefour, Garetubani
  5. Lotus Exige S                                  Kinsmart           7 lari              Vagzlis Basroba
  6. 1927 Panhard 35 CV (blue)            Sikharuli             5 lari              Drybridge Market
  7. Lancia Stratos                                 Hot Wheels        1 Lari            Drybridge Market
  8. Porsche Carrera GT                          Siku                  3 lari             Vagzlis Basroba
  9. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport             Siku                  3 lari             Vagzlis Basroba
  10. ’65 Chevy Impala                            Hot Wheels         2 lari              Vagzlis Basroba
  11. Porsche 959                                   Hot Wheels          2 lari             Vagzlis Basroba
  12. Maserati MC12                                Bburago             15.07 lari        Goodwill, Vake
  13. ’66 Ford Fairlane                             Hot Wheels         4.90 lari         Super, Vake
  14. Porsche 911 GT3RS                        Kinsmart               7 lari               GL, Varketili
  15. Alpine Renault A310 “Gendarmerie”  DeAgostini    20 lari            Isaak, Vagzlis Basroba
  16. 2007 Ford Mustang GT500             Kinsmart            gift from Beka
  17. Lamborghini Murcielago                Kinsmart            gift from Beka
  18. Porsche Cayman S                          Kinsmart            gift from Beka

18 vehicles. 3 Siku, 5 Hot Wheels, 1 Matchbox,. 5 Kinsmart, 1 Bburago, 1 DeAgostini and 1 Sikharuli. Cost so far 94.27  lari. 12 European Sports cars (five of which are Porsches) but just three American cars and no Japanese Cars.


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