Lamborghini Miura: Brand Comparison Matchbox v Maisto

The Matchbox model is around 1:60 and the Maisto about 1:64.

Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Miura Matchbox (left) and Maisto (right)

The Lamborghini Miura has been one of my favourite cars, ever since watching The Italian Job (1969) at an impressionable age. Here are two for comparing the brands, the Matchbox to my mind is greatly superior to the Maisto model; it has better paint, better wheels, better details and is slightly heavier. Both models have diecast bodies and plastic bases. I had to buy a five pack to get the Matchbox model so it proved considerably more expensive than the Maisto one: 22 lari against around 4 lari (although I did get 4 extra cars with the Matchbox model). At larger scales like 1:32 and 1:24 Maisto produce some nice models, the biggest model in my collection is a Maisto Chevrolet Corvette (1:24). At 1:64, I try to avoid Maisto, they are little better than the unbranded Chinese diecast models, which abound in the markets, I much prefer Hot Wheels or Matchbox.

some of my Lamborghinis

some of my Lamborghinis

I have five models of the Miura now: Corgi, Matchbox, Maisto (1:64 and 1:37) and DeAgostini (1:43). The one I’d really like, though is the Matchbox model in the 1969 Catalogue.

Matchbox Lamborghini Miura

Matchbox Lamborghini Miura


Not quite the Lesney Miura of my dreams but close, this is a Bulgarian made Matchbox Lamborghini Miura, found at my local market.


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