6 Jeeps

The Jeep so named because it was a General Purpose vehicle (GP becoming Jeep)…is an iconic classic…The original Jeep was put into production in 1941, arguably making them the oldest four-wheel drive mass-production vehicles. I have eight in my collection. Jeep Wrangler (Siku),’43 Jeep Willys x 3 (Matchbox), Jeep CJ6 (Matchbox), Jeep Willys 4 x 4 (Matchbox) and Jeep Scrambler x 2 (Hot Wheels).


My Jeeps

Jeeps make good towing vehicles, it is a pity recent Matchbox Jeeps don’t have tow hooks. The Siku Jeep Wrangler came in a twin pack with the boat trailer. In the 1975 Matchbox Catalogue the Jeep CJ6 is pictured with a caravan.


Matchbox Jeep Willys


8 Jeeps

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