Monthly Acquisitions: December 2014

Another month way over budget. Too much temptation or my collecting is becoming an addiction?

I set myself a nominative budget of 100 lari ($53.88) a month, this is enough to buy 20 Hot Wheels cars (usually priced at 4 lari 90 here). I managed to get 5 days into December before my first purchase, a Hot Wheels 3 pack.

Hot Wheels 3 Pack

Hot Wheels 3 Pack

The following day in the market I picked up a Dark Rider Series for just two lari, I needed to consult the group Hot Wheels Club (Philippines) on Facebook to identify the model. Sunday 7th December, I received a call from Isaak, a market trader, he had a Mercedes, which he thought might interest me…he was right. A diecast model of a green 300SL sporting a number 13, I don’t know the (Chinese) manufacturer it is around 1:43 scale.

Monday 8th December, I noticed Smart had stocked up on Hot Wheels models. I was disappointed on finding none of my wants, in the selection. There were a Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-X, which had been on my wants’ list (but I now have five of them) and a red Datsun 620 (but I have two of those, I would be interested in repaints). I couldn’t bring myself to leave empty handed, reviewing those I had rejected the first time, I picked up a Jeep Scrambler. The Jeep is an iconic design and I didn’t have a Hot Wheels model (I have two Matchbox Jeeps and a Siku Jeep).

Four Jeeps

Four Jeeps (the Jeep Scrambler has the hard top cab)

Then followed two days abstention, on the third day I came across an Aston Martin One-77 (Die-Dast) in a Supermarket, I hadn’t visited for a long time. The day after I visited Drybridge Market, despite protests from my wallet I came away with a DeAgostini Lada Niva for 20 lari and also picked up a Chevy Nova Wagon in Carrefour.

13 December, five models bought and my wallet some 28 lari 11 lighter. Hobby Shop had some new Hot Wheels models, they were  pricier than anywhere else in Tbilisi at 5 lari 90 but there I found USS Vengeance (from Star Trek), A Custom Volkswagen Beetle and a 1974 Brazilian Dodge Charger. A gold Meyers Manx from Pepela was added to the haul and a Kinsmart AC Shelby Cobra in blue from Varketili Market.

Lada Niva

Lada Niva

The following day I picked up a Matchbox Porsche Panamera, “Why?” I ask myself. It is a Porsche and Matchbox but it has four doors and looks so wrong. The classic 911 shape but stretched…. 15 December, I spent a further 30 lari on an Acura NSX, Mitsubishi Eclipse and Zaporozhets 968.

16 December:  I have started writing this post halfway through the month and have already 18 models at a cost of 122 lari 06 tetri…. where is my self control ??? I am sure this post will have more updates before the end of the month.

Porsche to spoil a 911

Porsche Panamera…how to spoil a 911

Up to 16 December...18 models

Up to 16 December…18 models

25 December after 10 days free of diecast purchases, Christmas Day saw three new models added to the collection. Two more AC Cobras (one Kinsmart and one Hot Wheels) and a Maisto Hummer H2. Christmas presents to self

Bought on 25 December: 2 AC Shelby Cobras and a Hummer H2.

Bought on 25 December: 2 AC Shelby Cobras and a Hummer H2.

27 December, Christmas shopping, we visited some toy shops looking for a present for the grand children and my wife suggested I get a Hot Wheels for myself…so I did…a red DeLorean DMC12…a model I’d overlooked a few times as I already had one in metallic grey. (Presents are given on 31st December here in Georgia).

'81 DeLorean DMC12 (Hot Wheels)

’81 DeLorean DMC12 (Hot Wheels)

28 December. Bought a crazy looking Hot Wheels Madfast Dragster in Carrefour for 3.90 lari (cheapest New Hot Wheels in Tbilisi) and a set of six vehicles from “Cars” for just 4 lari.

"Cars" set and Madfast Dragster

“Cars” set and Madfast Dragster

29 December: ’69 Ford Torino Talladega (Hot Wheels) added for no good reason…I already have plenty of US Muscle Cars…seems I can’t get through a month without at least one Ford.

30 December. I visited the Supermarket near Rustaveli metro and found three DeAgostini models rather cheaply. I bought two GAZ 69 Fire Trucks and a VAZ 450.

DeAgostini Models of Soviet Vehicles

DeAgostini Models of Soviet Vehicles

I also got a Chevy’69 Custom Pick Up.

Hot Wheels Haul

Hot Wheels Haul

December 2014 Haul

December 2014 Haul

Final bilan: 34 vehicles at a cost of 180.86 lari ($97.19)

16 Hot Wheels, 5 DeAgostini, 2 Kinsmart, 2 Matchbox, 1 Maisto,

3 Chevrolet, 3 AC, 2 GAZ, 2 Honda/Acura, 1 Ford, 1 Porsche*

*not including the Porsche in the “Cars” pack

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