2014 Highlights: Part One (January to June 2014)

Looking back at over 200 cars, I’ve collected in the year, the following are the highlights from the first six months.

Highlights January to June 2014

Highlights January to June 2014

  1. January 2014. ’76 Chevy Chevette, Hot Wheels Flying Customs. I found this in a toy shop in Kusadasi (Turkey).
  2.  February 2014. Jaguar E Type. Corgi. Arguably the most beautiful car in the world.
  3. March 2014. Maserati Indy. DeAgostini. Another strikingly beautiful car.
  4. April 2014. Moskvitch Pick Up. Made in USSR. A Soviet made model with its original packaging. I found this at Drybridge Market.
  5. May 2014. TV Series Batmobile. Hot Wheels. I liked this so much I bought two. Reminds me of Corgi Batmobile of sixties.
  6. June 2014. Toyota Crown. Tomica. This model had been painted by a previous owner, usually I don’t like this but in this case it looked fantastic.

I will look more at the highlights at the end of the year.

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