Fig Rig, Hot Wheels, Lego and a Cloud Cuckoo Palace

“What has Lego to do with diecast cars?” you may ask. Don’t worry, this blog will stay focused on Diecast Cars and not morph into a coverage of toys in general. My most recent Hot Wheels acquisition goes by the name of “Fig Rig“.

Fig Rig

Fig Rig

Fig Rig is a Hot Wheels creation, a custom pick-up, designed with studs so it can be used with Lego Mini Figures (or similar Mini Figures from Lego-Compatible sets). On the back of the packaging there is an illustration to show what can be done.

Fig Rig

Fig Rig

The positioning doesn’t look very realistic, one stood on the engine, one hanging off the bar at the back and one standing behind the cab.

Another Hot Wheels vehicle compatible with Lego mini figures is Let’s Go, a small go-kart like car, where a mini figure can be positioned in the driving seat, whilst others can hang off the back or try a handstand on the front.

Let's Go

Let’s Go


Let’s Go and Lego Mini Figures

Neither vehicle is completely satisfactory, Fig Rig has no facility for a figure in the driving seat, and with Let’s Go the attachments aren’t great for connecting with the Lego mini-figs. But they do allow an interface between the two toys.

As a child in addition to a passion for Matchbox Cars, I had a big box of Lego, I would spend a lot of time making and breaking Lego models, I’d make many Lego garages for my Matchbox cars. Now my six year old granddaughter enjoys playing with Lego. Lego has changed over  the years, now there are many more colours. When I was young the bricks were red, blue, white, black or yellow. Now there is every colour under the sun it seems, she has just built a “Cloud Cuckoo Palace” in pastel colours, two shades of pink and some white base to resemble clouds.

Ana with Cloud Cuckoo Palace

Ana with Cloud Cuckoo Palace

There are also more specialised bricks for a more “realistic” but less imaginative finish. You can make a Lego Ferrari now if you wish, but it would be difficult to transform the Ferrari with its specialised bricks to something different like a London Bus.

In the toy market Lego and Mattel are vying for the number one slot. Lego has had a recent boost from computer games featuring the bricks and from the “Lego Movie” which is a lot of fun.  The Cloud Cuckoo Palace is derived from the movie.

Ana finished her Cloud Cuckoo Palace, which I am sure will be broken up in a few days to make something different.

Cloud Cuckoo Palace and Fig Rig

Cloud Cuckoo Palace and Fig Rig

I think I will stick to diecast collecting but the snail is quite cute.

Fig Rig can also be customised with Lego parts, perhaps a better idea than carrying Lego Figures on the engine block.

Fig Rig with some Lego parts

Fig Rig with some Lego parts


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