HW40 and Fast FeLion

I don’t usually collect cars not based on real vehicles, there are some exceptions like the Bosozoku inspired Mad Manga designed by Jun Imai. I also have a few Imagination vehicles imagineered by various Hot Wheels designers, usually these were extras in three packs. This month I bought two more: HW40 and Fast FeLion.

Fast FeLion (front) and HW40 (back)

Fast FeLion (front) and HW40 (back)

These exotic looking cars were created by Hot Wheels‘ desingers. Fast FeLion was created by Fraser Campbell and looks a little like a TVR. HW40 was designed by my favourite Hot Wheels designer Jun Imai, who also designed Mad Manga it was named to celebrate Hot Wheels 40th anniversary (2008).

Both cars look like the sort of car I would draw if I were asked to imagine a sleek sports car.

Fast FeLion and TVR Tuscan

Fast FeLion and TVR Tuscan


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