Toyota 4 x 4

I have a few Toyotas (about 20) in my collection. Toyotas are renowned for their reliability and their indestructibility. Here are three of my Toyota 4 x 4s : a Tacoma (Matchbox), RAV 4 (Majorette) and 4Runner (Matchbox).

Toyota 4 x 4 (2)

The Matchbox Tacoma has a lot of detail at the back, but it has blackened out windows, to save having to give the cab an interior. The Majorette RAV4 has opening doors, something matchbox stopped doing a long while back.

The RAV4 is 1:50 scale, the 4Runner is 1:72 and the scale of the Tacoma isn’t stated on its base but seems more or less the same as the 4Runner.

4Runner and Tacoma

4Runner and Tacoma

The 4Runner came in a five pack of leisure vehicles.

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