Monthly Acquisitions: February 2015

After the excesses of recent months, February has been more restrained. This is partly because I’m being more discerning of what I buy and partly because most of the outlets I visit don’t have anything I really want, I’m getting better at walking away empty handed…but still sometimes I feel compelled to get something when I visit a shop.

February Acquisitions

February Acquisitions

It began with an exchange at Drybridge Market of a GAZ 69 Fire Engine for an old plastic VW Camper.

VW Bus and GAZ 69

VW Bus and GAZ 69

The GAZ 69 is a recent model by DeAgostini, I had two of them. The VW Camper, I believe is an old Soviet  model.

I then bought a few Hot Wheels vehicles, individually from different trips to various shops: Fast Felion, HW40 and a Super Van with “SWAT” tampo. Fast FeLion and HW40


Fast FeLion (front) and HW40 (back)

On 10 February, I visited the Goodwill Superstore in Didi Dighomi, I was disappointed that most of the numerous Hot Wheels and Matchbox on display were those I’d seen a thousand times in other stores. I didn’t find any of the vehicles on my Wants’ List, I came away with a Hot Wheels BMW E36 and a Matchbox Toyota Tacoma. I’m disappointed the Toyota comes without seats and has blackened windows. I also later saw the BMW in Carrefour for a lari less, so not the most worthwhile haul.

At Vagzlis Basroba my friend, Edouard, had a few “new” cars including a Matchbox ’63 Cadillac Hearse.

Matchbox 1963 Cadillac Hearse (scale 1:81)

Matchbox 1963 Cadillac Hearse (scale 1:81)

I heard some toy stores in the States refused to stock it, not wanting to associate death with kid’s toys, ironic when they are happy to sell toy guns and tanks.

Combining Mattel with Lego the two biggest toy manufacturers is possible with the Hot Wheels Go Kart Let’s Go which can accommodate a Lego Mini-figure (or Mega-Blocks).


Let’s Go

I saw some classic trucks in a shop near Varketili Metro, a shop I pass nearly every day and glance into the window to see what they have, invariably Chinese model cars of varying quality. These looked like Matchbox Models of Yesteryear from a distance but close up they reveal themselves to be mostly cheap Chinese plastic models of unnamed vintage vehicles. I got one van which had “Classic Cars” marked on the side, because I think I might be able to use it in future displays. Oddly the small bonnet is diecast, the rest of the model is plastic

Yibao Vintage Truck

Yibao Vintage Truck

At Vagzlis Basroba, I also found a single Hot Wheels model, an ’83 Chevy Silverado amongst a mass of Kinsmart and other Chinese models. I already have this model in yellow and plenty of other Chevys and pick ups…but it was only 3 lari.

24 February (update): plans for restraint were scuppered by a visit to Drybridge Market. I more than doubled my monthly expenditure spending 42 lari on two models. 2 lari on another Chevy pick up, a Matchbox Silverado twin cab pick up and 40 lari on a Soviet Made Kamaz Moloko (Milk) Tanker in 1:43 scale with a tipping cab.

Kamaz "Moloko" Tanker 1:43 scale

Kamaz “Moloko” Tanker 1:43 scale

Matchbox Chevrolet Silverado Pick-Up

Matchbox Chevrolet Silverado Pick-Up

Looking for supplies in Goodwill (Vake) for my mother-in-law’s birthday party, I inevitably had a glance at the diecast models and found amongst the Hot Wheels a BMW K 1300 R to go with my Harley (I only have two diecast motorbikes).

I should know better than starting these posts before the month has finished. When I started writing this post a week before the end of the month, I was congratulating myself on my relative restraint. I had just spent 40.40 lari, remarkable as I usually spend around 100 lari and sometimes far in excess of this nominative limit. I am within the 100 lari limit, just.

27 February, I visited Pepela in Marjanshvili, expecting the same old selection but they had replenished their Hot Wheels stocks and I found a very nice Lamborghini Veneno. Still no Snoopy, Morris Mini or Lotus Esprit (luckily for my wallet).

Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini Veneno

14 Vehicles 8 Hot Wheels 3 Matchbox 1 Yibao 2 Unidentified manifacturer of Soviet Origin

1 Volkswagen 1 Toyota 2 BMW 2 Chevrolet 1 Cadillac 1 Kamaz 1 Lamborghini and five unlicensed vehicles (not being of any particular car make, from the imagination of the toy designer).

Expenditure 92.20 lari


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