Bburago 1:64 Scale

My favourite scale for diecast collecting is 1:64 scale. This is the nominal scale for Hot Wheels and Matchbox . Looking in the 1969 Matchbox catalogue only the Fiat 1500, SnowTrac Tractor and Field Car are actually 1:64 scale.

This time last year, I noticed some Bburago models appearing in this scale, at first, the selection here was limited to a few models: Mercedes, Lamborghini and BMW.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo

In the Summer I noticed some Volkswagens, too. Now the range is larger. Last week, looking for a computer, I found one of the electronics stores had a stock of Bburago, I was torn between a 1969 Corvette Coupe and a VW Karmann Ghia. I chose the Corvette because it had an opening bonnet (hood). In my childhood many Matchbox cars had opening parts, now they rarely do. I hadn’t forgotten about the Karmann Ghia, a couple of days later I returned to get the Karmann Ghia.

Bburago 1:64

Bburago 1:64

I am hoping soon to find some Ferraris at this scale, as Bburago (under its parent May Cheong) has the Exclusive Ferrari License.

They now have Ferraris but at a price twice that of the other cars! The Ferrari comes in a box not a blister pack and has smarter wheels, but even so… there is a huge price difference.

Bburago 1:64 Ferrari F50

Bburago 1:64 Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50 and Alpine Renault 110-50

Ferrari F50 and Alpine Renault 110-50

From the Bburago 2015 Catalogue:

Bburago 1:64

Bburago 1:64

Bburago 1 64 p2Bburago 1 64 p3


Following comments made that Bburago are bigger than other nominally 1:64 models, I thought I’d look into it. I compared the Audi R8 models by Bburago and Majorette and also the Lamborghini Gallardo models by Bburago, Hot Wheels and Matchbox. With these models it is clear the Bburago models are bigger and maybe more like the 1:55 of Siku models than 1:64.


Audi R8 (Bburago model above Majorette model), Lamborghini Gallardo (Bburago model above Hot Wheels model)


14 thoughts on “Bburago 1:64 Scale

  1. How does the Bburago scale up besides Matchbox, HW and Majorette? I was looking at the LaFerrari casting and it looked uncomfortably large next to the Hot Wheels and a Kyosho of the same model. Is the whole range affected? I’ve seen a few in shop windows and might consider buying them.

    • The 1:64 seem a comparable 3 inch size to Hot Wheels and Matchbox, the Ferraris here are at a premium price as May Cheong (Bburago/Maisto) has the rights to the brand and they are milking the association. They have some nice VWs, but I prefer the Mattel wheels…

      • Have to say the Hot Wheels is my favourite. The Kyosho are nice, but that level of perfection has never attracted me… where is the personality?

      • I don’t have any Kyosho. Matchbox are my favourite because they are what I grew up with, I also love Corgi. I have more Hot Wheels in my collection than any other brand, partly because they are the most readily available.

  2. There is a lovely Burago 1/64 scale Red Bull RB9 F1 Car out there, looks great to scale. But the VW Vans are just huge.

    • I don’t have either in my collection. I don’t usually collect vans or formula one cars. I’ve just looked at the Gallardo it is significantly bigger than the Hot Wheels Gallardo, similarly the Audi R8 is bigger than the Majorette R8, I might take some pictures tomorrow when it is daylight, to add to the post.

    • I had a look comparing the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo in Bburago 1:64 with similar models by Majorette, Hot Wheels and Matchbox. With these models the Bburago are larger, I added some photos to my post. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Great pictures. A great reference. Many thanks.

    The Burago 1/64’s that I have, so far, seen in store seem really very wide and squat in comparison to other brands of this scale.

    Talking of brands that are not Matchbox/Hot Wheels, and at a relatively good 1/64 scale, my local John Lewis stock some really nice 1/64 scale cars at the moment. And looking at the base, these cars are actually being manufactured by Motor Max, but they are sold in Matchbox style boxes, with John Lewis branding. But they are really nicely done, so far I have two really nice, green 2004 Land Rover Discovery’s, a blue Pagani Zonda C12, a red BMW Z8 and a Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV in black. Very nice, especially for £1.35p each. Tampo’s are being used sparingly, but are clean and well done, especially the front lights on the Land Rover Discovery.

  4. I haven’t come across Motor Max here, but they sound good. Welly do some nice 1:64 models here, some in boxes, some in blisters, the prices are comparable to Hot Wheels. I picked up a Citroen 2CV and a Porsche Turbo in the local Carrefour.

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