Matchbox 5 pack

Visiting Tbilisi Mall, I was anticipating a better selection of Hot Wheels; Pepela, XS and Carrefour, all had quite a few models but nothing I hadn’t seen many times before, all from E or H cases. I was on the verge of leaving disappointed and empty handed, when I saw the Matcbox City Works 5 pack.

Matchbox City Works 5 Pack

Matchbox City Works 5 Pack

I got the pack for the Austin Mini Van. I now have three of them with different liveries.

Austin Mini Van

Austin Mini Van

From the models previously in my collection, I could have made a similar selection of five vehicles.

5 pack and alternatives

5 pack and alternatives

In addition to the Mini Van there is an unlicensed Tow Truck, an unlicensed American taxi, a US style mail van and an Express Delivery Truck.


Matchbox 5 Packs

City Works Matchbox 5 Packs

I have bought 4 Matchbox 5 packs now, two of exotic cars, one of outdoors vehicles and now the City Works pack. These five packs are nowhere near as interesting as the Gift Sets Matchbox used to produce.

March 2016 update: added this  “Classic Rides” 5 pack to my collection, I wish there were more 5 packs like this, there is not a single unwelcome model here….





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