Space, the final frontier of diecast collecting…

I was excited when Hot Wheels released the Mars Curiosity Rover. I have three models of this now, and I see sadly in some stores they are peg warmers (slow sellers).

Mars Curiosity

Mars Curiosity Rover…notice the different colour tyres

I read a lot of science fiction as a teenager, I also liked science fiction programmes like Star Trek, Blakes 7, Doctor Who and Thunderbirds. I don’t have many space related models, I still mainly collect cars but I did buy a Spaceflight pack this week, made in China by Xin Lian Meng Toys , which had some interesting elements. P1250222 The pack was reduced to 8 lari 70, and comprises of a rocket, a satellite, a space station, two astronauts, a lunar buggy, a blue car (unlicensed), a stop sign, a barrel and a barrier. The packaging claims 1:64 but the elements are clearly of a wide range of scales. It also says metal plastic, but there is far more plastic than metal, the wheel arches of the lunar rover are metal as is the body of the blue car, the rest is plastic including the spacecraft. The lunar rover is my favourite element of the set.

Spaceflight Set

Spaceflight Set

Dinky issued a Lunar Roving Vehicle in the early seventies, which I’d love to find (at a reasonable price) with two astronauts.

Lunar Roving Vehicle from the Dinky Catalogue (1974)

Lunar Roving Vehicle from the Dinky Catalogue (1974)

Hot Wheels also have a few Star Trek vehicles, no wheels and not 1:64 but in their mainline range are the USS Enterprise and the USS Vengeance.

USS Vengeance, USS Enterprise and Mars Curiosity Rovers

USS Vengeance, USS Enterprise and Mars Curiosity Rovers

Maybe not a space vehicle but for a retro science fiction vibe, there is the Jetson’s Capsule Car by Hot Wheels.

The Jetsons Capsule Car

The Jetsons Capsule Car

At Drybridge Market in addition to looking for  my usual diecasts, I have found some interesting badges relating to the Soviet Space Programme.

Vostok 3 badge

Vostok 3 badge

Vostok 3 was launched in 1962, Andriyan Nikolayev became the third Soviet Cosmonaut aboard Vostok 3, a flight designed to examine the effects of weightlessness on the human body.

Soviet Lunar Rover badge

Soviet Lunokhod 1  badge

…in 1970 Lunokhod 1 (moonwalker) landed on the moon. The Lunokhods were primarily designed to support the Soviet manned moon missions and to be used as automatic remote-controlled robots to explore the surface and return pictures. Following a series of catastrophic failures, the Soviet program was cancelled. Another interesting model would be the Matchbox Skybusters NASA Shuttle.

Matchbox Space Suttle

Matchbox NASA Space Suttle


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