I am not the tidiest person, I have a good knowledge of my collection and recently I have noticed there are a few models I can’t find. I wonder if they have been tidied away somewhere by my wife or if they have been taken by a kleptomaniac visitor. The missing cars are not my most prized possessions nor the most valuable but it is a bit of a mystery. Better send for Scooby Doo…except one of the first models I couldn’t find was the “Mystery Machine“.

Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine

Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine

This was a model I never took out of its blister pack, for a while it was hanging on the wall, but where it is now is a mystery. January 19 2017…found a replacement in Pepela…

Another carded model missing is the Toyota 2000GT.

I was excited to find my first Toyota 2000GT but now I should have four: two black, two yellow…but one of the yellow ones is missing. January 2017: I can’t find the black carded Toyota 2000GT either so I just have two loose 2000GTs


The third car is a BMW Z3 by Welly, I am not a great fan of BMWs so I’m wondering if I may have given it a way, I remember giving away the small X5 in the same image, but I don’t remember giving away the Z3.

BMWs...of these I can only put my hands on the big X5.

BMWs…of these I can only put my hands on the big X5.

In addition to the cars I can’t find a petrol station diorama, this is card, and I haven’t started assembling it, as teachers we have an awful lot of papers in the house, so I suspect it has been tidied away somewhere. January 2017: this has been found.

Petrol Station diorama.

Petrol Station diorama.

I still have over 500 models, whose whereabouts I can find easily, I hope I can find the missing items, especially the Mystery Machine (as I only had one and it is no longer available in the shops here).

Jan 2017: I’m also missing a Kinsmart silver Nissan GTR and Matchbox Renault Master Ambulance.

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