Two More Models for the Collection

8 April 2015. I found I had a spare hour in town and the weather was good so I ventured once again to Drybridge Market, where I have found so many diecast gems in the past. There were some interesting vehicles, I especially liked a Soviet made 1:43 model of a Lada Niva with trailer, but I didn’t like the price (200 lari), I rarely buy from that trader (Karo) as his wares are to my mind overpriced.

Lada Niva and Trailer

Lada Niva and Trailer

He had many other models too, tempting but not at his prices.

I didn’t come away empty handed (I rarely do). I found a 1:43 Chinese (DeAgostini) model of a Russian GAZ 322121 School Bus for just 5 lari. The model is pleasantly weighty in the hand, the paintwork has some chips and there are a couple of mirrors missing but I liked it enough to pay 5 lari.

Another hunting ground is Vagzlis Basroba the sprawling market around the Central Train Station in Tbilisi. Here, too, I found plenty of diecast models to catch my eye and I came away with a Kinsmart Dodge Viper (1:36 scale).

The two models from my day are quite different a Russian School Bus and an American Supercar, but they are both made in China and are the same length (12.5 cm). The prices were similar the Dodge was 7 lari, the bus 5 lari, so my wallet wasn’t screaming too loudly.


Lada Niva and Trailer

(At the time of writing $1 = 2.23 lari…the lari has fallen a lot against the dollar recently).

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