Monthly Acquisitions: April 2015

I started writing the monthly review a week before the month ends, so the situation will probably change. So far I have bought just 8 models and spent almost 70 lari.

April 2015 selection

April 2015 selection

In my last post I touched on the price hike for Hot Wheels and Matchbox at two of my major hunting grounds (Carrefour and Goodwill). I fortunately found the Matchbox Hummer in Goodwill at the beginning of the month in Goodwill before they raised the prices from 4.90 lari to 6.90 lari. I bought the Hummer because I like models with opening parts, which is rare with new Matchbox models.

The Mercedes 450SL by Bburago was by far the most expensive bought this month (29.80 lari). I love European sports cars and convertibles from the sixties and seventies.

1/32 classic range from Bburago 2015 Catalogue

1/32 classic range from Bburago 2015 Catalogue

Now I’m looking out for the Porsche 911 (1967) in the same range. I have a weakness for Porsche 911s…I bought a Majorette Porsche 996 “Policja”…I was surprised by the Polish spelling of police… but checking on the internet I have discovered this model has over twenty variations in different national liveries… Majorette 209.1 Porsche 996 Variants .

Porsche 996

Porsche 996 “Policja”

The Russian GAZ 322121 School Bus is the only secondhand model, I bought it at Drybridge Market, the bus is actually Made in China by DeAgostini and shows signs of being repainted, but it was only 5 lari.

The ’67 Chevelle SS is the only Hot Wheels model this month, my searches frustrated by the price hike and stores continuing to stock the same models (from European 2014 H Case). I bought the Chevelle in Metro Mart where the stock is still priced at 4 lari 90.

8 April Haul

8 April Haul

The Kinsmart Dodge Viper is as long as the bus, but a different scale (1:36). I pass displays of Kinsmart models every day, they have far more outlets than Hot Wheels or other brands. The Majorette Fork Lift truck (Chariot Elevateur), I found in the market for just three lari. The model has a working fork lift that can also incline forwards and backwards and a detachable palette…reminiscent of Matchbox models back in the early seventies which had parts like pipes, scaffolding etc..

Majorette Chariot Elevateur

Majorette Chariot Elevateur

As often happens when I post my monthly acquisitions early (before the month is over), I get some more models. Today (24 April) I found a new outlet in the City Centre, XS Toys. XS Toys I know have a branch in far out Tbilisi Mall, but they also have a well stocked branch in Rustaveli Avenue’s Mall, a street I frequent almost every day. They carry both Hot Wheels and Bburago. Hot Wheels are at the elevated price of 6.90 lari making the Bburago at 5.90 lari look good value. I found two models I was looking for a Honda Civic EF in black (I already have the same casting in red and teal) and a 1967 VW Notchback with opening trunk/boot.

29 April, Eduard in the market had some new trucks (including a Hot Wheels Kenilworth) and this Majorette Tracteur for just 2 lari.

30 April: Last day of the month, I discovered XS Toys in Vazha Pshavela and they have NEW Hot Wheels 2015 stock, H case, all 6 lari 90 (:/), I am spoilt for choice, aware of my 100 lari nominal budget (at March prices I would be able to buy 3 and stay within my budget), I restrict myself to two models, leaving a red Lotus Esprit and a ’71 Buick Riviera (both on my wants’ list), I choose a Ferrari 599xx and an Austin Mini Van.

Austin Mini Vans

Austin Mini Vans


April 2015 selection

This Month: 13 models: 3 Majorette, 4 Hot Wheels, 1 Matchbox, 2 Bburago, 1 DeAgostini, 1 Kinsmart, 1 Siku

2 Mercedes, 1 Porsche, 1 Chevrolet, 1 Dodge, 1 Hummer, 1 GAZ, 1 Volkswagen, 1 Honda, 1 Austin, 1 Ferrari

Cost 97.83 lari


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