Monthly Acquisitions: June 2015

My spending was rather restrained at the beginning of the month in the first 11 days I just bought one model, the Jetsons Capsule Car by Hot Wheels. I loved  Hanna-Barbera cartoons as a kid, cartoons like Scooby Doo, Wacky Races, Top Cat and the Flintstones. I don’t remember the Jetsons, about a space age family, a futuristic counterpart to the Flintstones.

The Jetsons Capsule Car

The Jetsons Capsule Car

The Hot Wheels model has wheels, which are unretractable and don’t look like the wheels used in the cartoon, but it is still a nice fantasy model.

Jetson Car with wheels in cartoon

Jetsons Car with wheels in cartoon

Then I visited Tbilisi Mall. Tbilisi Mall has three hunting grounds for models: Pepela, XS Toys and Carrefour. On my first trip to Tbilisi Mall, I was quite restrained the new prices of 6.90 lari (6.55 lari in Carrefour) for Hot Wheels, means I’m more selective and less likely to buy multiple models of a casting, I like. I just bought one model, form my wish list a ’69 Dodge Charger 500, a car immortalised in the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard, my version is a purple model not the “General Lee” of the TV Series. If Tbilisi Mall is bad news for my wallet, so too is Drybridge Market, where I went the following day.

Hot Wheels '69 Dodge Challenger 500

Hot Wheels ’69 Dodge Challenger 500

Drybridge Market is the best location I have found in Tbilisi for older diecasts. My visit on 13 June didn’t disappoint. A woman who is selling her deceased son’s model collection is there every Saturday and Sunday. We find we have a common tongue in French, and we chat and I usually buy a model. Last month I bought the Corgi “PoliceCortina GXL from her, this month I bought a Polistil VW Porsche 914, she also gave me a policeman figure for free.

selection of models from an eldery lady's deceased son's collection

selection of models from an elderly lady’s deceased son’s collection

VW Porsche 914

VW Porsche 914

I now visit Tbilisi Mall twice a week, not for the cars specifically, but because one of my students’ summer residences is by the mall. The hour and a half trip to the Mall would be prohibitive merely for looking for new models. Carrefour carries Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Maisto and Bburago, it also has orange marmalade, beans in tomato sauce and other goods hard to find in the rest of Tbilisi. 16 June, I bought my first Bburago Two Pack, it seems I can’t find the Bburago models I want sold separately. I bought a two pack of a Fiat Bravo and a Porsche 928 S4, solely for the Porsche, the Fiat doesn’t interest me at all (it is the same drawback as buying three packs and five packs of Hot Wheels or Matchbox, a dilemma I have posted about before: three pack dilemma). I have about 45 Porsches in my collection, this is the first model of a front engined Porsche.

I also picked up a Hot Wheels 1971 Buick Riviera from Pepela on the same trip.

'69 Dodge v 1971 Buick

’69 Dodge v 1971 Buick

19 June, I was pleased to see Carrefour had some new Matchbox models on display, three days before they just had the Street Cleaner. Now they had a Caterham Superlight 500, S.C.R.2200 (Chevrolet Highway Maintenance Truck), Land Rover Defender and BMW M1. I chose the first two, I already have a Land Rover Defender, a nice casting, and the M1 was an ugly modern BMW not the sublime BMW sportscar of the seventies.


The Jetsons Capsule Car

I like the Matchbox Land Rover Defender 110, I was quite tempted by a five pack with an olive green one, but I now have two adding a grey model to the yellow one I already have.

Matchbox Land Rover Defender 110

Matchbox Land Rover Defender 110

This month: 3 Hot Wheels, 2 Bburago, 3 Matchbox, 1 Polistil

2 Porsche, 2 GM American Muscle Cars, an Italian Hatchback, a British roadster, a cartoon vehicle, a Land Rover and  a truck.

Expenditure : 77.35 lari (the most expensive being the VW Porsche 914 (20 lari) which is also the only model made in Europe (Italy))

Six months in a row, when I ve managed to keep under my nominative 100 lari budget…that will change next month, I suspect, when I visit England.


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