Brand Comaprison : Audi R8

I don’t have nearly as many Audi R8s as I do Porsche 911s, but it is a car that many diecast manufacturers have put out. I was hoping to find a Matchbox model but this has eluded me.

Audi R8 : Majorette (Left) Siku (Right)

Audi R8 : Majorette (Left) Siku (Right)

I bought the Siku model in Pepela yesterday (2 July 2015) for the princely sum (or Prinzly sum?)of 12.26 lari, the Majorette model was from a different branch of Pepela and cost me 6.50 lari last year (20 March 2014). The Siku is the better model it is slightly larger (1:55 compared to 1:64), more detailed and has opening doors.


Majorette left and Chinese model right

I bought a cheap Chinese model of the R8 in orange, with just three circles on the Audi logo. In  Georgian, we have an  expression for the mass of shoddy goods coming from China: ჩინური ხარახურა (Chinuri Kharkhura), basically “Chinese crap”. But it was only 2 lari. I have a fourth R8 model also made in China, for 3 lari, that omits the Audi logo altogether but does have opening doors.


Audi R8 (8 versions)

The Siku wheels look uninteresting there is no contrast between the spokes and what is behind.

Audi R8s

Audi R8s: The Siku (centre) is closest to the real Audi Logo.

The Majorette model is the only one in this comparison not made in China (it was made in Thailand) but the Siku model would be my overall winner, I also have a Siku model of the Audi R8 Spyder (this cost 8.72 lari last year in Pepela).

Two more recently acquired R8s by Bburago and RMZ, both supposedly 1:64, the Bburago model is much larger than the RMZ City.

Audi R8 Bburago and RMZ

RMZ City (left), Bburago (right)

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