UK Haul (including one from the airport in Istanbul en route)

Haul from UK Trip

Haul from UK Trip

It has been two years since my last visit to UK.  This time, I visited the UK for a week, I didn’t tour around, I wanted to see my ageing mother in York. So  most of these models were found in and around York at the Antiques centre, in charity shops, in Poundland or the Wigginton Car Boot Sale, just outside York. I need more time to examine closely my haul, mostly Matchbox and Hot Wheels. The most expensive was the Matchbox Ford GT with box which cost me £20. The Matchbox Citroen SM and Hot Wheels Datsun 510 by contrast only cost me 20 pence each.

4 for £1

4 for £1 at Wigginton Car Boot Sale

At the Wigginton Car Boot Sale there was one guy selling Hot Wheels 4 for just £1…I bought 6 (Ford GT, ’57 Corvette, Meyers Manx, ’67 Camaro, Fish and Chip’d (Jaguar Mark X) and Mercury Cougar).

Hot Wheels Haul

Hot Wheels Haul

Of the other Hot Wheels two came from the Boot Sale (Datsun 510 and Buick Riviera), Snoopy came from Poundland and the Flintmobile didn’t come from England at all, it came from the airport shop at Istanbul Sabiha Gocken Airport.

The Matchbox selection was mostly a lot older.

UK Matchbox Haul

UK Matchbox Haul

The condition of some of these was very rough, the Opel Diplomat, Ford Zephyr 6, Ford Corsair and Citroen SM all looked like they’d had rough lives with missing parts, chipped paintwork and broken windows, but they are old from the sixties and early seventies and for me have a lot of nostalgic charm, as I had them when I was little. The Datsun 260Z and Fiat Abarth are clearly playworn, the Datsun looks repainted (ugh), these are from the late eighties early nineties (when I wasin my twenties, so lacking the nostalgic buzz of the older cars). The Maserati 4CLT Race Car looks very old, but it isn’t being a Chinese made reissue from 1993. The Pontiac in the blister pack is one of my favourites of the current Matchbox line up, I found it in Poundland in Whitby. Which leaves the star of the show the Ford GT with regular wheels dating it to pre 1969 in great condition and with its original box, but then it cost more than the others combined (£20 compared to £11.20).

This month I suspect I am already way over budget….I need to convert the pounds (and Turkish lira) spent into Georgian lari. I have just converted the pounds spent in England to lari…£37.40 equals 132.25 lari…after six months of keeping to my budget, this month I am well over budget and could very well hit 200 lari before the month ends…

3 thoughts on “UK Haul (including one from the airport in Istanbul en route)

    • I wanted an old (late sixties) Matchbox car with its box, in the same shop was a tempting Jaguar E Type but priced at £45….which made the Ford GT at £20 almost seem like a bargain…

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