Monthly Acquisitions: July 2015

July 2014 Acquisitions (pictured 23 July)

July 2014 Acquisitions (pictured 23 July)

After being good and keeping within my 100 lari budget for the first six months of the year. I blew it in July, spectacularly. As I write this there are still 11 days of July left in which to spend more. The month began with a gift of six Hot Wheels cars from Ferenc in England. I had sent him an East German Alfa Romeo model.

Alfetta Spider (made in East Germany)

Alfetta Spider (made in East Germany)

He found some cars on my wants’ list I was finding impossible to find here in Georgia: Snoopy, Datsun 240Z (black), Ford Mustang Boss 302, Morris Mini, Lotus Esprit S1 (white) and a Datsun 620 Pick Up (green).

On the same day, I bought a Siku Audi R8, the problem with Siku is the pricing is variable and I asked the shop assistant the price she said 9 lari 90, but when I took it up to the counter it rang up as 12 lari 26 :/

Before my trip to England I bought the very British looking ‘67 Austin Mini Van with a Union Jack on the roof. Then I went to England and things really started to get crazy. I discussed this in my previous post UK Haul.

Haul from UK Trip

Haul from UK Trip

Returning to Tbilisi, I find Carrefour has stocked up on some 2015 Hot Wheels stock, I couldn’t resist these four: ’90 Acura NSX, Volkswagen Caddy, Honda S2000 (white) and Datsun 240Z (white).

The month has also seen the trauma of an unwanted move, my collection being hastily packed into boxes. I need some bespoke containers really.

a box of diecast

a box of diecast

So far there has been a lot of Matchbox and Hot Wheels acquired, American muscle cars, Fords, Japanese sports cars and a few cartoon related (Snoopy and the Flintstones Flintmobile). Mostly 1:64 (2 x 1:43 Corgi)

21 July visiting two stores I haven’t looked in lately Pepela in Pekini Street and Carrefour near the Central Station, I buy two models of iconic cars, another Hot Wheels Morris Mini from Pepela and a Matchbox ’43 Jeep Willys from Carrefour. Now my monthly expenditure is approaching record levels.

24 July Goodwill have some new Matchbox managed to restrain myself from getting an Impreza Police Car but couldn’t resist a Land Cruiser.

28 July: I found a Corgi DAF City Car in Drybridge Market. I couldn’t resist.

DAF City Car (Corgi)

DAF City Car (Corgi)

diecast expenditure...July 2015 is a spending record...

diecast expenditure…July 2015 is a spending record…

Totals: 39 models (last month just 9)

22 Hot Wheels, 11 Matchbox,3 Corgi, 1 Zylmex, 1 Siku, 1 Chinese model

5 Fords, 5 Nissan/Datsun, 2 Chevrolet, 3 Minis, 2 Jaguars, 2 Honda/Acura, 2 Snoopy also DAF, Toyota, Lotus, Audi, Citroen, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pontiac, JCB, Opel, Meyers Manx, Mercury, Buick, Ferrari, VW, Jeep and a Flintmobile

Cost so far 218.68 lari, the most expensive a Matchbox Ford GT Racer for £20 (70.65 lari)


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