Diecast Brands: Tomica

Tomica is a Japanese diecast brand, launched in 1970. I never had any as a child but I now have three, which I picked up at Drybridge Market in Tbilisi. All three are Toyotas, a pair of Crowns and a Dyna truck that looks like it is for cleaning drains.

Tomica Toyotas

Tomica Toyotas

I am fairly sure the military police Toyota Crown was painted by a previous owner and they did a great job, I don’t usually like the original paintwork gone over. The size and quality is similar to Matchbox and they also come with a box if bought new (I haven’t seen any outlets for new Tomicas here in Georgia).


4 thoughts on “Diecast Brands: Tomica

  1. I like that Dyno truck. And I’m thinking of trying to put together a collection of works vehicles. I currently have four, the Matchbox fork-lift, ‘Power Lift’ (in yellow), the welcome and only entry under Q in the current database of my collection, the ‘Quarry King’ front loader in orange, the ‘Road Roller’ (two-tone blue/orange) and the ‘Seed Shaker’ (yellow). But they do look nice and display well together, contextually.

    The Tomica Hyper Rescue, which I have only seen in pictures, also looks a nice interesting vehicle to have, too. Though I may have to open up another segement in my collection for emergency vehicles for that one.

    I can see this collecting business rapidly getting out of hand. I think I enjoy classifying the models as much as collecting them. ☺

    • I enjoy writing about them and photographing them. I don’t have a lot of trucks, but the Tomica Dyno Truck was nicely detailed. I also have a slight weakness for cement mixers, I have half a dozen. But my collection is predominantly cars, especially sports cars from the sixties and seventies.

  2. I’ve noticed a lot of little plastic garage diorama sets made by Tomica appearing at local shops. They are quite tempting as they would make nice display pieces, 1/64 scale garage forecourts and car lifts, etc. The thing that has put me off though is that they also include these strange way out of scale action figures in the sets, I’d rather they had included more plastic pieces like trees and signage, but anyway, each time I see them I think I’m getting closer to picking one up.

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