Monthly Acquisitions: August 2015

August wasn’t as excessive as July 2015 but I still slipped over budget, I should cut back in the Autumn.

August Acquisitions

August Acquisitions

The month started quietly with the first purchase on 10th August, when I visited the local market, I was surprised to find a Russian made model of a Lada 2107 amidst all the Chinese made models and for a very resonable 7 lari, I also bought a Chinese made Aston Martin One for a further 3 lari.

14th August, I visited Drybridge Market and found a Soviet made Beach Buggy for 22 lari, it is battery powered and in working condition. I also came across a Tomica Toyota Crown.

Smart, one of the supermarkets here has a sale on of Hot Wheels the price reduced from 6.90 lari (the norm here now) to 4.90 lari, which was the norm before the lari tumbled against the dollar. (Today $1 is 2.40 lari – last year it was 1.75 lari).

I succumbed to temptation and got 4 vehicles in the sale (Datsun 240Z, Honda S2000, Corvette ZR1 and USS Enterprise) to add to two others I bought from other outlets. Stockar is a regular treasure hunt. (the only TH I’m coming across lately), the ’70 Camaro was from Pepela in Marjanshvili.

Hot Wheels August 2015

Hot Wheels August 2015

I also found some Bburago Classics in XS, I really wanted the Porsche 911, but the pricing was strange, The Porsche was priced a 44.90 lari and the other cars in the series were just 29.80 lari, that is 50% difference. I really wanted the Porsche but the BMW 2002 had been on my wants’ list a while and being significantly cheaper I took that. I got the Porsche in black from a different branch of XS Toys in February 2016 for a more reasonable 22.35lari.

big price difference in XS Toys

big price difference in XS Toys

Finally I visited Isaak in Vagzlis Basroba, the only new models he had were some Chinese made trucks, not usually my thing but I do have a weakness for cement mixers. There is no writing on the base, so I’m not sure if it is supposed to be a particular truck like MAN or Saviem or just a generic cement mixer, the cab is diecast the rest is plastic.

Totals: 12 models (last month 39)

6 Hot Wheels, 2 Soviet/Russian made models, 1 Bburago, 1 Tomica, 2 Chinese models

2 Chevrolets, 1 Lada, 1 BMW, 1 Honda, 1 Toyota, 1 Nissan, 1 Aston Martin

Cost so far 119.50 lari ($50.75), the most expensive the BMW 2002 for 29.80 lari


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