Bburago Ferrari

2015 saw the May Cheong Group (Maisto and Bburago) sign an exclusive deal with Ferrari. There are over 100 Ferrari models in the Bburago catalogue at different scales. The 1:24 and 1:18 scales, though great to look at don’t interest me because of my budget and space constraints.

I saw some in XS Toys today,  they were priced at a premium. In the 1/64 (3″) range they cost 12.70 lari each, whereas the other Bburago 1/64 models were 6.30 lari (a slight increase from 5.90 lari earlier in the month) , so Ferraris are over double the price. In Hot Wheels and Matchbox the prices were the same for Ferraris or Minis or whatever in the mainline series. I ve seen this pricing premium also with Lamborghinis in the Mondo Motors range, priced higher than other brands at the same scale.


3″ Ferraris in XS Toys

Ferrari F50 and Alpine Renault A110-50

Ferrari F50 and Alpine Renault A110-50

The Ferrari has smarter wheels and a box instead of a blister pack but does that justify it being over double the price of the other 1:64 Bburagos like the Alpine Renault?

In the catalogue there are 12 Ferrari models in the 1:64 or 3″ range at the moment, no Dino, 250 GTO or Testarossa yet…


The 1 43 range are priced at 17.10 lari a price much higher than regular 1 43 models.

Bburago 1 43 Ferraris in XS Toys

Bburago 1 43 Ferraris in XS Toys

I don’t like the look of the wheels on the GTO it looks like a sticker rather than a spoked wheel. If it had better wheels it would be very tempting. There is a broader choice of models at 1:43 scale than 1:64.

Ferrari Bburago 1:43

Ferrari Bburago 1:43

I have three Bburago Ferraris: a green 599 XX (1:43) which I assembled form a kit, a silver 599XX  (1:43) which came with a small display and a 1:64 F50.


My Bburago Ferraris

Bburago Ferrari Unboxing Video Link


5 thoughts on “Bburago Ferrari

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  2. The most famous Green Ferrari of all was of course the Thinwall Special. It would be great to find that at 1/64 scale or similar one day.

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