RMZ City

Uni-Fortune’s RMZ City Series is relatively new for me, it is a Chinese brand like Kinsmart and Welly and I see it in increasing numbers here in Tbilisi. Uni-Fortune Toys Group was established in 1996 in Hong Kong.

RMZ City

RMZ City

I bought two models to have a closer look. A Toyota GT86 in approximately 1:36 scale and a 1:64 scale Audi R8.

I got the Toyota because since seeing the real car I wanted a model, the first diecast model which I saw was this RMZ model, I saw it in two colours white and red (it is also available in orange and black), I think the red really suits it. RMZ also make an identical model of the Scion FR-S, just having the different logos.

Nissan GT86 (RMZ)

Nissan GT86 (RMZ)

The quality is very similar to Kinsmart at this scale with glossy paint, clear plastic light inserts, opening doors and chromed exhaust. The car looks like the model it is supposed to be. I don’t like the “pull back and go function” characteristic of many of the Chinese models on sale. The scale is not marked on the car or box (Kinsmart does mark the scale on the car base) but looks around 1:36. The wheels look a bit cheap and plasticky, but I have seen worse.

RMZ Toyota GT86 (left) Kinsmart Porsche 911 GT3RS (right)

RMZ Toyota GT86 (left) Kinsmart Porsche 911 GT3RS (right)

They also have a 1:64 or 3″ range, the pricing here in Pepela was 7.50 lari which is slightly higher than Hot Wheels 6.55 lari. Models include Chevrolet Camaro, Land Rover, Range Rover, Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Audi A5 Sportback, assorted Lamborghinis, Mini-Cooper, Mini Clubman, Porsche 911 Turbo & Panamera, BMW Z4 Coupe, Nissan GTR, Corvette and more, all current models, no classic models yet in the line up (in the larger scales they have classic Beetles and Camaros), and they tend to be the models produced by other diecast manufacturers.

I bought the Audi R8 because it is a model produced by many diecast manufacturers and so allows for direct comparisons. The model comes in a box not a blister pack. Apparently all the models are available as standard free-wheeling models, pull-backs or with working headlights that shine for ten seconds when you press a button on the base. My models are of the pull back and go variety.

RMZ 1:64 Audi R8

RMZ 1:64 Audi R8

I have seen there is an RMZ City fuel station playset in 1:64, I would love to find it here, it looks realistic and would be a great backdrop for all my 1:64 cars.

RMZ City BP playset

RMZ City BP playset (also available with Total and Shell fuel brands)

RMZ city are a welcome addition to my collection, I would like to see a wider range of cars offered not just the same ones as other manufacturers. I don’t like the pull back and go function, the wheels are not the highest quality.

Audi R8 rear wheel

Audi R8 rear wheel

I added a Nissan GTR to my collection. The price on the shelf at Carrefour seemed to be 5.95 but at the till 7.35 :/


Audi R8 and Nissan GTR


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