Mondo Motors

Mondo Motors is another Chinese manufacturer (Italian Design) which has been filling up the shelves of Pepela the local toy shop chain. I bought one model to have a look. I chose an Audi R8 because many model manufacturers produce a model of this car so it makes for useful comparisons between brands. It was also very much cheaper than a Lamborghini Miura.,

Audi R8

Audi R8

On the box it says “METAL”, but when I examine the car; the body is plastic, which is disappointing. The base is metal.

only the base is

only the base is “metal”

In the store the 1:43 Audi R8 by Mondo Motors is the same price as the 1:64 Audi R8 by RMZ City but 1:43 Lamborghinis are almost three times the price! This is a worrying trend, there is a similar pricing situation with Bburago Ferraris and other Bburago models. But the quality looks no different.

Display in Pepela

Display in Pepela: The Audi R8 priced at 7.90 lari (7.51 with a Pepela card), Lamborghinis priced at 19.90 lari (18.91 with a card).

Audi R8 RMZ City and Mondo Motors

Audi R8 RMZ City (1:64) and Mondo Motors (1:43)

The Mondo Motors Audi doesn’t have the pull back motor of the RMZ model, thankfully, but the smaller RMZ car has better detailing (silver paint on the fuel cap and engine, for example). I don’t collect plastic cars, I prefer the look and feel of diecast models. I love Lamborghini Miuras but at 18.91 lari, I won’t be getting the Mondo Motors Miura, and I doubt I will get any more of the cheaper cars in the Mondo Motors range, either.


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