Weekly Acquisitions 12 12 2015 – 18 12 2015


Weekly acquisitions 12 December to 18 December

Usually I post my “monthly acquisitions” as followers of my blog will know, but this past week has been active and draining on my purse. It began Saturday with a visit to Drybridge Market (where I get most of my older models). The first model I bought was the blue Lada 110, I’m not sure who made it, no brand on the base just “Lada 110 Scale 1/36″  I don’t even know if it is Chinese or Russian manufacture. Rezo asked 10 lari, I was walking away, he asked me how much I would pay, I offered 5 lari and then he suggested 7 lari, on which we agreed. Then I visited Karlo’s stall, he has lots of great models but the prices are high and he is rather inflexible when it comes to negotiating.

He had a Maserati Mistrale. which had been tempting me for a few weeks, I finally succumbed, he wouldn’t come down on the 50 lari price he proffered. The Mistrale has special nostalgia value for me as it was the fastest car in my cherished Ladybird Book of Motor Cars (1968). which I had as a child. I have a plastic model but now I have a diecast model, too, a Soviet Copy of a Mebetoys model. I was also looking at the Mercedes 280 SL, I don’t have a model of this classic Mercedes. The one I’d really like to find is the Corgi Rockets model from 1970.

Ladybird Book with Aston and Maserati

Ladybird Book of Motor Cars (1968)…Maserati Mistrale Coupe “Average Maximum Speed: 155 miles per hour”

My nominative budget for the month is 100 lari…the Maserati would be half that! After I bought the Maserati he suggested I could have the Mercedes for an additional 40 lari instead of  50 lari. (2.40lari =$1)

I also found a new trader to me, who had many of the Chinese diecast models with magazines (in Russian). He had the Dacia 1310, a Romanian police car like the Renault 12. The price 15 lari, Sergo another trader had just the car without the magazine on sale for many weeks for twice that price, 30 lari. Sometimes it pays to be patient. He also had two Ferrari models, my most popular post is the Eaglemoss Ferrari Collection    of the 80 cars in the collection, I just have three. A Ferrari 575 GTC and a Ferrari 612 Can Am. Tempting but I managed to resist on the Saturday…I returned on the Sunday to snap up the 575 GTC for 20 lari. An expensive weekend… 50+7+15+20=92 lari.

Dacia 1310 and Ferrari 575 GTC

Dacia 1310 and Ferrari 575GTC

On Tuesday 15 December, I visited Vagzlis Basroba another of my regular haunts. Nana had some new models which she sells alongside towels, toothbrushes and other children’s toys. She had some loose models for 2.50 lari and some in blisters for 3 lari. I came away with two Hot Wheels Funny Cars (I have a weakness for funny cars, where the body lifts up from the chassis) and a Maisto 2014 Chevrolet Stingray.

On Wednesday visiting a bookshop (Biblus) looking for reading material, I glanced at their usual cabinet of diecasts not expecting to see anything special, and was surprised to see a gorgeous 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS by Welly for just 10 lari. I had to have it!

Porsche carrera RSR Welly

Welly Porsche 911 Carrera RS

To complete the week on Friday, I found a Hot Wheels ’15 Jaguar F Type Project 7 in Super Toys.

1 week. 9 models. 2 Magazines. 116.40lari.

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