Monthly Acquisitions : December 2015

Earlier on in the month there was one crazy week, which I posted about week 12-12-15 to 18-12-15.


purchases 12/12/15 to 18/12/15

The month started uneventfully with only two models purchased in the first 9 days a Bburago Audi R8 and a Matchbox VW 4 x 4 and then a Ferrari 275 GTB/4 on the 10th.

After the crazy week, two more trips to Drybridge Market drained my wallet. The first was relatively restrained, I found a Matchbox Superkings Marauder and a Zylmex Honda CR-X.

Marauder and CR-X

On my most recent visit on Boxing Day, I found a lot of nice models.


Drybridge Market Boxing Day haul

I was particularly pleased to find the Corgi Mini Marcos with “Golden Jacks” allowing the wheels to be easily removed…and unlike a Corgi Oldsmobile Tornado, I saw earlier in the year this still had all four wheels (the Oldsmobile was missing one).


Corgi Mini Marcos with Golden Jacks

Other models found this month included a Lamborghini Aventador (Bburago), Mazda RX 7 (Hot Wheels) and Jaguar XK8 (Welly).

Two late additions…saw some 2016 Hot Wheels models in Metro Mart on 30 December. I came out with two: a chrome Poppa Wheelie based on a Reliant Regal and a Porsche 356A Outlaw (I love the black paint and tampos).


HW Poppa Wheelie (Super Chromes) and Porsche 356A Outlaw

24 Models: 6 Hot Wheels, 4 Matchbox, 3 Welly, 2 Bburago, 2 Deagostini,  1 Corgi, 1 Maisto, 1 Eaglemoss, 1 Made in USSR, 1 Zylmex, 2 Made in China (manufacturer unknown)

2 Ferrari, 2  Jaguar, 2 Funny Cars, 1 Lada, 1 Toyota, 1 Audi, 1 VW, 1 Maserati, 1 Marcos, 1 Dacia. 1 Polski Fiat, 2 Porsche, 1 Honda, 1 Mazda, 1 Cadillac,        1 Lamborghini, 1 Mercedes

11 from Drybridge Market, 3 from Vagzlis Basroba, 3 from Toy Shops (XS Toys, Pepela and Super Toys), 2 from supermarkets (Goodwill and Carrefour), 1 from Varketili Metro Arcade, 3 from Metro Mart and 1 from Biblus

Cost: 247.15 lari (about $103) … a monthly record … I shall have to watch my spending in 2016

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