Highlights 2015: Part Two (July to December 2015)



  1. July 2015 Matchbox Ford GT Racer. I found this in York Antiques Centre in England. It cost £20, the most I have spent on a single model this year. It has tremendous nostalgia value, I remember having the car as a kid, it also has the box (most of my other Matchbox models now are boxless).
  2. August 2015 Hot Wheels Stockar. This is a Regular Treasure Hunt, I have yet to find a Super.
  3. September 2015. Hot Wheels Porsche 914-6. This I found at Sabiha Gökçen Airport (Istanbul) part of the Hot Wheels Porsche Series, which I haven’t seen in Tbilisi.
  4. October 2015. Moskvitch 427.A model made in the USSR. In the mid seventies my father had a Moskvitch 427 in England his was mustard brown with a black vinyl roof.
  5. November 2015. RAF 977 Latvia . Another  model made in the Soviet Union.
  6. December 2015. Corgi Mini Marcos. A difficult choice amongst some great models. I thought when I found the Maserati Mistrale that would be the highlight of the month. But them I came across the Mini Marcos at Drybridge Market with Corgi‘s “Golden Jacks” allowing for the wheels to be removed and put back on easily.

Corgi Mini Marcos with removable wheels

2015 My favourite makes (based on cars collected)

  1. Ford                      14
  2.  Ferrari, VW         12
  3. ——
  4. Chevrolet             11
  5. Porsche               10
  6. Nissan                    9
  7. Lada, Mini              7
  8. ——-
  9. Honda, Jaguar, Toyota 6

2015 My most collected diecast brands

  1. Hot Wheels                                       89
  2. Matchbox                                          34
  3. Bburago                                              14
  4. Made in USSR brand unknown              12
  5. Deagostini                                           9
  6. Made in China brand unknown               9
  7. Majorette                                             6
  8. Corgi                                                    5
  9. Welly                                                   4
  10. Kinsmart, Polistil, Siku                     3

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