Brand Comparison: Jaguar XK8

Jaguar XK 8 welly

Welly Jaguar XK8

Last month, I bought a Welly Jaguar XK8. This month I bought a Hot Wheels model of the XK8. It seemed fitting to make a comparison of the two. Both models were relatively cheap, the Welly model was 3.90 lari and the Hot Wheels from the market was just 3 lari. New Hot Wheels in the shops are around 6.90 lari.


packaged XK8s

The Welly model comes in a box which I prefer, the model can be returned to the box. A blister packet once opened is finished (unless you use acetone and glue). I usually cut the blister with a sharp knife and keep the card for the artwork, discarding the clear blister.


Out of the packaging Hot Wheels and Welly XK8s

The Welly’s 5 spoked wheels look more fitting for the Jaguar, the Hot Wheels back wheels are larger than the front and the alloy design looks more like those of a Lamborghini than a Jaguar.

Jaguar XK8

Jaguar XK8

The Hot Wheels model feels slightly heavier, so I imagine it would be faster on the track, I don’t have a double track to test this. The Hot Wheels model is made in Malaysia, the Welly model is made in China. Both claim to be officially  licensed by Jaguar, but only the Welly model has the Jaguar logo on the bonnet. The Welly model also has nice detailing around the windscreen.


The Hot Wheels model does have stripes and a Hot Wheels logo on the left side behind the rear wheel. The paint work on the Welly model looks smoother. The interiors have similar levels of detail. Overall my preference is for the Welly model.


smoother paintwork on the Welly model (left)

I hope to find some Jaguar F Types (Matchbox, Majorette...) in the future to do another Jaguar comparison.

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