1911 Maxwell Roadster in yellow


1911 Maxwell Roadster

I saw this model at Drybridge Market. A Matchbox Model of Yesteryear, usually this model is turquoise. I’d never seen one in yellow. I posted a picture on a Facebook forum for Matchbox models “MCCH – The Matchbox Collectors Community Hall“, I got a reply from Steve Powell, one of the members “Something strange about it……..the bright metal parts are also normally gold and the fuel tank a brass colour………only ones i’ve seen plated were on gift set ash trays etc……….and then the entire model was chrome except for tyres and roof.

On further investigation, I turned the model over, where there are usually rivets  there were screws, suggesting it had been taken apart.


1911 Maxwell Roadster

Whoever repainted it did a good job, although it means I don’t have a valuable rarity. It cost me 25 lari ($10.30), which is what I would usually pay for Yesteryear models, so I’m not out of pocket.


bases for comparison (Cadillac top with rivets untampered, and Maxwell below with screws).


As found at Drybridge Market, the box was in rather poor condition.

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