Second Package from Estonia

I don’t do many trades by post, the postal service here is unreliable and the cost is high. I have however traded with one Facebook friend in Estonia. I wrote previously about the first package I received Package from Estonia  that was back in September 2014. Now in January 2016, I have received a second package with the following 14 models:


14 Models from Estonia

6 Corgi, 6 Matchbox, 1 Husky and a Soviet made Zaporozhets.

For these 14 models I sent just three models (fair exchange?).

to Estonia

UAZ Truck, Lada 2107 and Lada 2102

I was a little reluctant to part with the Lada 2102 “Пошта” as it is a post van and I used to work for Royal Mail. The postage cost for the truck was 55 lari and I only paid 10 lari for the truck…


Lada Posta

Highlights of the package included a Matchbox  Opel Diplomat with a bonnet, I had one before without a bonnet.


Matchbox Opel Diplomat

The models are rather playworn, the Corvettes particularly are in a rough condition but I love the shape of the split window Corvette C2 and I didn’t have a Corgi model before. Maybe it is time to learn some restauration skills.


Corgi Chevrolet Corvete Stingrays in severely playworn condition

Apart from the Opel Diplomat the Matchbox selection includes 2 Alfa Romeo SZs (Made in China), a Euclid Dump Truck (Made in England), a Superfast Transitional Grit Spreader (Missing a wheel) and a Chevrolet Impala (missing its TAXI decal on the bonnet).



The Corgi selection has a Land Rover and Trailer, the Corvettes, a Husky Studebaker Ambulance (without its interior), a Corgi Juniors Land Rover and a Ford Escort rally.


Corgi (and Husky)

And finally I was pleased to finally have a Soviet made model of a Zaporozhets.



Tänan teid, Viljar.



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