Monthly Acquisitions: January 2016

January sees another 29 models added to my collection. I had hoped to be a little restrained after the excesses of December, but there was too much temptation.

14 models (half the total) came together in a package from Estonia. Details


from Estonia

I also found 15 around Tbilisi.


January Acquisitions

The first model I bought in the month was a Nissan GT-R by RMZ City. There were also a few Hot Wheels: a Ford GT from the HW Speed Graphics a Mainline category with many tempting cars. There were more Hot Wheels Fords in a Mustang 5 Pack, which I got cheaply at Vagzlis Basroba market for 12 lari (in the shops 5 Packs fetch almost 35 lari).


Ford Mustang 5 Pack

There was also a Scion FR-S (a rebadged Toyota GT86), a Jaguar XK8 and Rip Rod (a regular Treasure Hunt).

At Drybridge Market I found a Soviet made Moskvitch 434, a Welly Chevette and a 1911 Maxwell Roadster.

There was also a Welly Jaguar XK180 from Pepela.

A late acquisition (29 January) was a ‘52 Hudson Hornet, I found in Metro Mart.


’52 Hudson Hornet

29 Models: 10 Hot Wheels,7 Matchbox, 6 Corgi, 2 Welly, 2 Made in USSR, 1 Husky, 1 RMZ City

7 Ford, 4 Chevrolet, 2  Jaguar, 2 trucks, 2 Alfa Romeo, 2 Land Rover, 1 Opel, 1 Scion/Toyota, 1 Nissan, 1 Maxwell, 1 Moskvitch, 1 Zaporozhets, 1 Studebaker, 1 Hudson

14 from Estonia, 3 from Drybridge Market, 6 from Vagzlis Basroba, 2 from Toy Shops (XS Toys, Pepela ), 1 from supermarkets (Goodwill and Carrefour),  3 from Metro Mart

Cost: 98.25 lari (excluding the cost of postage of two packets to Estonia 78 lari)


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