Fun: Let’s Play!


I collect diecast cars for many reasons, partly it is because they remind me of the fun I had playing with them as a kid. As kids, we raced models across the playground, drove along imaginary roads on the carpet, created imaginary construction sites in the sand pit and didn’t just put the new model in a drawer or on shelf.

Matchbox cars were designed to be strong and to be played with, today they even come with a “Guarantee for Life.” I have noticed a lot of the Chinese made models in the shops today are rather fragile compared to Matchbox or Hot Wheels.

Now, at 51, if I started driving my toy cars across the floor, making imaginary engine sounds, my family would think I’d gone a little crazy, but I can still have some fun with the models.

VW Beetle 4 x4 Matchbox 2

Matchbox VW Beetle 4 x 4

The Matchbox Volkswagen Beetle 4 x 4 with its big wheels seems ideal as a plaything. The ground clearance suggests snow to be no problems for this rear engined monster.

VW Beetle 4 x4 Matchbox in snow 2

VW Beetle 4 x 4 in snow at Bakuriani

They are capable of coping with a number of different terrains.

VW Beetle 4 x4 Matchbox moss

mossy terrain

VW Beetles in the snow 2

ploughing through the snow

The biggest challenge comes on the slide, when my granddaughter wants to join in the fun.

VW Beetle 4 x4 Matchbox 5

down the slide

I realise this risks a few paint-chips and a possible loosening of the axles but it is good fun. I won’t be trying this with all my collection, some of which will remain in blister packs.

VW Beetle 4 x4 Matchbox 6

off road

The Matchbox Euclid Dump Truck #6, seems made for playing in the sandpit…but maybe not the best vehicle to release on the slide…

That was fun, I hope you are able to enjoy your collections, too.


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