Monthly Acquisitions: February 2016

P1400604It has been another interesting month of collecting. It began with a few new Hot Wheels from the 2016 range: Cruise Bruiser looks set for a demolition derby, resembling a Station Wagon of the early sixties, and minus the interior glass. The Nissan Fairlady Z is in the HW Speed Graphics series, which has some really exciting releases. The Nissan is the Japanese market version of the Datsun 240Z. Corvette Stingrays are always tempting as are Aston Martin DB5s. I now have three different coloured Astons and numerous Stingrays. P1400601.JPG

2016 Hot Wheels

Then followed 4 days, when I found some very interesting models and posted about this: 4 days in February there were also a Hot Wheels Triumph TR5 , Sunny Side Up Funny Car and a Matchbox VW W12 Nardo.


On 14th February, I found a 1:32 Bburago Porsche 911 at XS Toys in East Point, at the XS Toys in Rustaveli it had been priced at 48.10 lari but at East Point it was priced at a more reasonable 31.90 lari and with 30% discount on the day was just 22.35lari. I hesitated not wishing to break my monthly budget of 100 lari…totalling up the expenditure it came to 99.45 lari…just below budget but with 15 days left of February to resist all temptation…it will be tough.


Bburago Porsche 911

Temptation proved too much, I visited Drybridge Market on 25th and 27th February. On the first visit I found a Siharuli Simca Oceane, in a rough condition missing a windshield and steering wheel but only 10 lari.


Simca Oceane

On 27th February I found several models on a stall, I hadn’t bought from before. The first model I bought was a Matchbox Austin Cambridge (this model was made between 1961 and 1966). Then I expressed interest in a few models and the seller offered a Siharuli Panhard 24BT (missing a bonnet), an NSU Ro80 (made by “ZMTK”, Zaporozhiye, Ukraine, mising a door and an engine) and a Tomica Datsun Sunny 1400 GX all for 40lari…I just had a $20 note (50 lari) so he suggested some other models to make it up to 50 lari…and we settled on the Hot Wheels Ferrari F512M and a Hot Wheels Jester. To add to the haul I found a Funny Car in a blister pack on another stall.


February 27 haul

22 Models: 10 Hot Wheels, 3 Matchbox, 2 Siharuli, 1 Tomica, 1 ZMTK, 1 Corgi, 1 Dinky, 1 Norev, 1 Schuco, 1 Bburago

12 from Drybridge Market, 5 from Varketili Market, 3 Metro Mart, 1 Super Toys and 1 XS Toys

Cost: 184.45 lari


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