Matchbox 5 Pack “Classic Rides”

I have written before about 5 packs before ( Matchbox 5 pack ). I have been known to buy a five pack just for one car, like the City Works (2014) five pack for the Austin Mini Van, or the Exotics (2014) for the Lamborghini Miura.

The Classic Rides 5 pack didn’t have a single unwelcome car in the pack. The contents include: Ford GT 40, ’71 Pontiac Firebird Formula, ’68 Ford Mustang GT/CS, VW Karmann Ghia Type 34, ’57 GMC Stepside Pick Up.


Matchbox “Classic Rides” 5 Pack

Admittedly, I already had some of the models, the Ford GT40, which I bought singly is identical to the one in the pack. I also had the ’71 Pontiac Firebird Formula and ’68 Ford Mustang GT/CS but in different colours. But I have no regrets, I hope Matchbox will bring out other Classic Rides Packs in future.


Matchbox Classic Rides and some I had singly

I didn’t buy the pack as soon as I saw it, the price tag of 34.90lari ($14.45) was a little steep, I had got a five pack of Hot Wheels Mustangs in January for just 12 lari ($4.97). But encouraged by a collector friend on Facebook, “Dutch” and by the allure of not one but FIVE cool models, I finally succumbed to temptation.


12 thoughts on “Matchbox 5 Pack “Classic Rides”

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  2. I thought that I had almost found a similar ‘must have’ Matchbox 5-pack, with hopefully no duds. But it contained a rather bland and oversized modern Shelby Cobra Concept. The other four models are the Lotus Evora in British Racing Green with Lotus logo (the best inclusion by far), Porsche 911 Turbo in burnt orange, Chevy Corvette ZR1 and the modern 2005 Ford GT in aqua. So it was close but not the great classic pack that you found. I’ll keep looking!

    • I did once buy a five pack, just for one car (Austin Mini Van). Today i saw some tempting three and five packs (Matchbox and Hot wheels) but resisted temptation. The classic rides 5 pack, was great, not a single unwanted model.

  3. I had to resist some other Matchbox 5-packs, too. It’s playing on my mind a bit now, because I really want that Matchbox Mattel Bill-board van, but I just couldn’t justify it today. I’m sure I’ll crack next week! ☺

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