Surprise Eggs….

On visiting Pepela, I asked the assistant if there were any new diecasts since my last visit. She showed me some Welly Eggs.

The egg just indicated it was a Welly product and there would be a 1:60 diecast metal product with plastic parts inside.  Also there was a warning “CHOKING HAZARD: Not suitable for children under 3 years.”A bit like a Kinder surprise egg minus the chocolate. The egg was more expensive than the boxed diecasts (egg 5.60 lari, boxed diecast 3.70 lari),so it didn’t seem a good deal, but I was curious so I bought one.

There was a tear strip on the cellophane, which soon came off the orange plastic egg. Inside was a bubble wrapped Jaguar XK180, a nice model but one I already have.


Welly Jaguar XK180 in box and egg

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