Monthly Acquistions March 2016

Quite a mix of vehicles this month.


March 2016 Acquisitions

March was yet another month where my nominative budget of 100 lari ($43) was brushed aside. The biggest single purchase was the Matchbox “Classic Rides” 5 Pack (34.95 lari in Goodwill) which holds not a single unwanted model, a rarity for a five pack. The Soviet made model of a Lada 2102 was the biggest purchase for a single car (30 lari), closely followed by the Model T Ford (Matchbox Model of Yesteryear) at 25 lari.

I bought fewer Hot Wheels cars than usual; just 4 models, only one from the current range a Jaguar F Type Project in red (I already had the casting in green). I also got three earlier models a Dodge Charger R/T from 2001 with an anime design, a Pontac Firebird Funny Car (2001 Fossil Fuel Series) and a Mercedes SLK (1998). The older Hot Wheels models came from Zura in Drybridge Market, one of my favourite haunts.


Hot Wheels selection


3 Soviet Made models

The Abarth was a gift from Tamas in Drybridge Market, the Lada 2102 replaces a red one I sent to Estonia the tin plate model has wheels steered from a rooftop button.

Matchbox is still my favourite brand of diecast, in addition to the five pack I added a Model T Ford from the Yesteryear range and a Mercury Cougar Villager minus tailgate and tow hook.


Matchbox selection

I usually manage to miss one model on the monthly acquisitions group photo, this time it was a Nissan 300ZX, made in China, I don’t know what brand it isn’t marked on the base. This is one of my one lari cars pictured below with the Dodge Charger from the Hot Wheels Anime Series of 2001 and a garage, I also managed to pick up at Drybridge Market.


Dodge Charger R/T and Nissan 300ZX with garage


21 Models: 4 Hot Wheels, 7 Matchbox, 1 Siharuli, 2 Welly, 3 Made in USSR, 1 Unbranded Made in China, 1 Summer, 1 TY Models, 1 DeAgostini, 1 Bburago

3 Ford, 2 Jaguar, 2 Pontiac, 14 other makes

11 from Drybridge Market, 5 from Goodwill, 2 Pepela, 1 Carrefour, 1 Tavisuplebis Moedani Subway and 1 XS Toys

Cost: 175.22 lari ($75.62)


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