Monthly Acquisitons: April 2016

Any hopes of staying in budget within April were soon dashed when I had spent over 50 lari in the first three days. The final expenditure would amount to 155 lari and 5 tetri.


Carded Hot Wheels and Matchbox

Super Toys I found stocking some Hot Wheels from the Porsche Series and the James Bond Series. This is the first time I had seen these series in Georgia. I got one from each series a Porsche 917K and a James Bond Aston Martin DB5, these models are slightly higher in price than the standard Hot Wheels (8 lari as opposed to 6.90 or 6.55 lari). Better was the Spiderman Power Pistons which was free in a local promotion with 5 proofs of purchase. I also got a few new Hot Wheels another ’68 Shelby GT500 (I have this model in 4 colour variants now), a ’90 Acura NSX and a Porsche 356A Outlaw (two very attractive recent castings). I only found one new Matchbox model I wanted a Subaru Impreza WRX Police car.


Larger Scale Models

The larger scale models were what really hit my budget hard. These all came from Drybridge Market. An Alfa Romeo Giulia by Siharuli (Tbilisi), a Soviet made Maserati Mistrale, a BTR80 Armoured Personnel Carrier (also made in USSR), Mercedes C111 (Norev) and 1912 Rolls Royce (Matchbox Models of Yesteryear). Together these five cost 100 lari!


One lari cars (The Ferrari was 2 lari)

These models were very cheap just one lari each, the Jaguar XJS and Mazda RX7 are rather crude but recognisable, there are no markings to indicate a brand just a number on the base and “Made in China” on the Mazda. The Hot Wheels Super Van is rather playworn, I got it because it has redline wheels, a nostalgic link to early Hot Wheels. The Ferrari 312P was 2 lari and is made by Politoys (Penny) in Italy


Maisto, Welly and Hot Wheels

My wife was excited, the local secondhand shop, literally 2 minutes from our apartment had some model cars. I had a look but was disappointed they were mostly playworn recent models. I did buy the Hot Wheels Jeep Scrambler and Maisto Chrysler 300B, the pair coming to 5 lari. In Varketili Market, where in February I was thrilled to find  a Bulgarian Matchbox Lamborghini Miura, I was again disappointed, I came away with just a Maisto BMW Z8. In Pepela the cheapest 1:60 cars are Welly at just 3.70 lari (compared to 6.55 lari for Hot Wheels). I bought a couple last month and this month I bought the Pontiac Firebird.


April’s haul

Quite a varied haul this month, my favourite is probably the Norev Mercedes C111.

20 Models: 8 Hot Wheels, 2 Matchbox, 1 Siharuli, 1 Welly, 3 Made in USSR, 2 Unbranded Made in China, 2 Maisto, 1 Politoys, 1 Norev

2 Porsche

9 from Drybridge Market, 4 Pepela, 3 Super, 3 Varketili, 1 Carrefour,

Cost: 155.05 lari ($69.84)

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