Packet from USA

I don’t do many trades by post, the postal service here is unreliable and the cost is high. I have made a couple of trades with a friend in Estonia, which I have documented in earlier posts: Estonia 1 and Estonia 2

I have now exchanged packets with Marc, a fellow blogger and model car collector in the US. You can see his blog here: The Race Case

I sent him a model of a Lada 2106 in Soviet Police livery, a model unavailable in US, and he sent me in exchange, 5 Hot Wheels models. (I had only asked for two). Race Case Post

Lada 2106 Bayer

Lada 2106

Nothing is too simple with the post here. Firstly, I got a text from the Post Office on the Friday before I was to go away to Italy, after the Post Office had closed, so it would be over a week until I could get to the Post Office.

Secondly, in Georgia (the country not the US State), post is not delivered, I have to get it from the Post Office. Here I met a little difficulty, the Post Office, where I collected the packages from Estonia had closed down with a note on the door in Georgian.


Post office closure notice (in Georgian)

I don’t read Georgian well. I took a photo of the notice returned home, so my Georgian wife could translate it. Basically, the notice was saying the new Post Office was to be found opposite at number 34 Kakheti Highway. After some searching I did find it and they had my packet.


New Post Office

The packet contained five cars from a Hot Wheels Education pack: La Fasta, Bedlam, CCM Country Club Muscle, Ultra Rage and Power Pro Hot Wheels Speedometry Classroom Kit


Hot Wheels Speedometry Classroom Kit

The car, which I was most interested in was La Fasta, based on the DeTomaso Pantera, a car I haven’t seen on sale here and one of my favourite cars from the seventies.


La Fasta

Thanks Marc 🙂

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