Brand Comparison: Lamborghini Miura: Maisto v Kinsmart


Lamborghini Miura Kinsmart (left) Maisto (right)

Kinsmart have recently added a 1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV to their range, as with most of their models it comes in 4 colours (orange, red, green and yellow), it is also available for a very reasonable 8 lari ($3.73).

I have had the Maisto model for a while, it cost 12.25 lari at the time and may be more now. The Maisto is a 1965 Lamborghini Miura.

The detail is quite similar (inside and out), both models have pull back motors (of which I’m not a fan), both have opening doors and both are made in China. The Kinsmart model has silver detailing around the windows and is also a larger scale (1/34) the Maisto model is 1/37. The wheels of the Kinsmart model look better, a black background can be seen through the silver spokes.

I have several Miuras now, 8 at last count, it is one of my favourite cars, a car that redefined supercars in the sixties, having a V12 Cylinder engine centrally mounted, it was the car that brought Lamborghini to the world’s attention.


8 Lamborghini Miuras

My choice: Kinsmart…it is cheaper, better detailed and is available in 4 colours.


In the market: green, yellow and red Miuras


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