Hot Wheels Speed Graphics

Hot Wheels divide their mainline range into a number of categories, one of these categories is “HW Speed Graphics“, a series of 10 cars with colourful tampos. I would like to find all ten, unfortunately it would seem that only three are available in Tbilisi.


HW Speed Graphics

I have seen these three models: Toyota Supra, Ford GT and Nissan Fairlady Z several times in several different stores. Whilst, I love them,  I would really like to find a Nissan 180SX and a Ford Escort, both of which seem completely unavailable here.

Screenshot from 2016-02-18 00:00:35

Ford Escort RS1600 and Nissan 180Sx shown in a Race Grooves clip on Youtube

I don’t know if they will be available here later in the year or not at all. I will also be looking in stores on my annual visit to UK in August.


HW Speed Graphics

A local publicity poster shows all ten cars.

Update : 20 September 2016… I ventured into Super in Vake, not expecting to see anything new, but checking anyway, first I saw Crate Racer (not Speed Graphics but on my Wants’ List because it is like a Matchbox Rolamatics vehicle), then looking behind the front vehicles on the pegs …I found what I had been looking for so long… a ’70 Ford Escort RS1600 🙂


’70 Ford Escort RS1600


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