Monthly Acquisitions : June 2016

This month saw fewer models enter my collection than usual, just 8 models, but because of the track set (49 lari) the cost still went over the 100 lari barrier.


Monthly acquisitions June 2016

The month started with buying two models, which I had wanted the month previously but had put on hold to keep last month’s budget below 100 lari. A Corgi Morris Marina 1.8 Coupe and a Kinsmart Chevy Camaro in Fire Department livery. I love finding Corgi models here, it is quite unexpected, this month I found two the Morris Marina and a Citroen SM both models were made in the seventies, I found both at Ucha’s stall on Drybridge Market the Morris was 20 lari and the Citroen, 25 lari (including box).


Corgi Morris Marina 1.8 Coupe and Citroen SM

In an earlier post, I lamented that the stock of Hot Wheels here is limited, I’ve only been able to find three of the ten cars in the Hot Wheels Speed Graphics series. This month saw three Hot Wheels models added to my collection: the Toyota Supra from the Speed Graphics series, a ’62 Custom Chevy Pick Up with surfboard and Fast Fish, which came with the stunt loop set.


Hot Wheels : Toyota Supra, Fast Fish and ’62 Custom Chevy

I also found a couple of Matchbox models in Super Toys in Tbilisi Mall, a new store but they only have 2015 Hot Wheels, however it is not all bad,  they do have more Matchbox than I have seen in other stores recently. I got a third Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia and Track Attack. I am not usually a fan of military vehicles, but it was Matchbox (my favourite brand) and it does have a moving part (the missile ramp goes up and down), a rare feature with Mattel Matchbox models.


Track Attack, Lamborghini Gallardo “Police” and Chevy Camaro

The Kinsmart 2014 Chevy Camaro proved irresistible in its firefighter livery.

8 Models: 3 Hot Wheels, 1 Kinsmart, 2 Matchbox, 2 Corgi

3 from Super Toys,  2 Drybridge Market, 1 Pepela, 1 Varketili, 1 Carrefour

Cost: 126.20 lari ($54.65)



2 thoughts on “Monthly Acquisitions : June 2016

  1. Hello Jim,
    The Citroen by Corgi is a very nice model and the box makes it extra special. To bad you cant find more Matchboxmodels , my favorite brand too,but in my opinion you did well. Greetz ,Bert.

    • Hi Bert, apart from Yesteryear Models and the current Matchbox range, it is rare I find Matchbox here in Tbilisi. When I visit UK, I try to pick up a few old Lesney models at Boot Sales or Antique Shops….I was very happy to find the Corgis this month….

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