Monthly Haul: July 2016

This was a crazy month for collecting. I made two trips to England, not for collecting but to see my dying mother and attend her funeral. But I did some rather serious collecting, too.


July 2016 haul

I bought 35 models in total. I spent lari, Euro and pounds sterling. I only bought 6 models in Georgia…  Ford Interceptor Police (Welly), Ford Escort Mk 1 (Cararamanot in the main picture), Mercedes W114 Qatar Police Livery (Deagostini), Audi TT (Matchbox), Breakdown Truck (unmarked Chinese model) and Ford GT40 (Hot Wheels Fast and Furious). (I spent 46.30 GEL in Georgia).

It was a good month for Ford Escorts, I found three. The Corgi Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico, a Corgi Ford Escort 55 “Royal Mail” Van and a Cararama Ford Escort Mk1 in silver.


Ford Escorts

My father had a couple of Mark 1 Escorts. I am still looking for a Hot Wheels Ford Escort.

  • found 20 September 2016 Ford Escort RS 1600

I spent Euros at Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, where I found a Hot Wheels BMW 3.0CSL and an Olds 442 W30 for 2 Euro each.

Britain was where my collecting really went a little crazy. There were five different hunting grounds:
1. Antiques Centre York : This had a lot of old models as you might imagine. From here I got a Matchbox Dodge Cattle Truck from the late sixties with its box but without the bulls for £9. They also had a cheap box where I found a couple of Corgi Juniors to add to my collection: Buick Regal and Porsche Carrera.


The Cheap Box at Antiques Centre York

2. Pound Shops: Poundland and Poundworld were good for finding Matchbox and also Hot Wheels and even Majorette. In Matchbox I found a Toyota Land Cruiser, Porsche Cayman and Cadillac Sedan Deville with a wonderful two tone paintwork. I also got a Hot Wheels Toyota Off Road Truck and a Majorette Audi A1.


Carded 1:64 models

3. Monk’s Bar Model Shop This shop under the York City Wall is where I found the most expensive addition this month. A Corgi Ford Escort Mexico Mk1 celebrating Corgi’s 60th Anniversary.

4. Mary Chortle This is a dolls shop but they had a selection of Yesteryear models and a few other cars for £4 each. I bought a 1928 Mercedes SS, 1914 Vauxhall Prince Henry and a Ford Escort “Royal Mail” Van (Corgi).

5. Wigginton Car Boot Sale. I have got a few models there on past visits to York. This year was no exception. I came away with 14 models for just £4.60.

Wigginton Car Boot Haul

Wigginton Car Boot Sale haul

In total I spent £54.60 in UK (equivalent of 169.98 lari).

Total expenditure for the month: 226.59 lari

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