Brazilian Cars

With the Olympics in Rio, here are a few models of Brazilian cars made by Hot Wheels.


Brazilian Cars

1974 Brazilian Dodge Charger… Highly collectible version from South America. It’s based on the Dart body, with a higher-compression 318-V8 engine. It’s also got elongated C-pillars and is tuned to use gasoline with ethanol.( Brazil has a lot of sugar but little oil).

Chevrolet “Opala” SS… Chevrolet SS is based on the 1974 Chevrolet Opala SS, a Brazilian model that used the body of the Opel Rekord and a upgraded version of 250 cubic inches engine used in cars like the Impala, Camaro and Nova.

VW Brasilia… the VW Brasilia is a reproduction of a Brazillian car with the same name. The real model was produced from 1973 to 1982 by Volkswagen Brazil, and was one of the first Volkswagens to be designed outside of Germany. Brazil also manufactured Beetles which ran on alcohol.


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