Zee or Zylmex

This post was inspired by another blogpost: Zee Toys by Marcboz.

Over the past 6 years of collecting, I have come across many diecast brands, which were unknown to me as a kid. My first love is still Matchbox with its nostalgic connection to my childhood and I also like Corgi, Majorette and Hot Wheels with similar connections.

One brand new to me is Zee Toys (or Zylmex),  this I learn from Marc was a diecast company based in Long Beach, California. Most are manufactured in Hong Kong. When I was a child “Made in Hong Kong” was synonymous with shoddy quality, today “Made in China” (in Georgian ჩინური ხარახურა (Chinuri Kharakhura), basically “Chinese crap) has a similar vibe. These models are not of the same quality as Matchbox but they are interesting, nonetheless.

I have added three of these models to my collection, all are rather playworn.


Zee or Zylmex cars

Firstly, there is a Honda CR-X with a red metal body and a grey base, which I found amongst the One Lari Cars at Drybridge Market. Secondly, there is a 1914 Vauxhall Prince Henry (missing a wheel), with a metal base that mistakenly reads “1941 VAUXHALL”.



Finally, my favourite is a Lamborghini Marzal, I thought it was a colour variant of the Matchbox model, when I first saw it and I think Zylmex may have copied the Matchbox model as they look so similar.


Lamborghini Marzal, Vauxhall and Honda

The Zee Toys Corvette (C2) pictured in Marc’s post is one to look out for.

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