Monthly Acquisitions: August 2016

After the excesses of July, August was far more restrained with only 5 models added to my collection.


July Acquisitions

Three of the models were made in the USSR: A beige Lada 2101 in approx 1:64 scale (unlike my other Ladas which are 1:43 scale). A racing car #23, this is in plastic and was made in Kutaisi, Georgia, this I’ll be sending out to my friend and fellow collector, Viljar in Estonia for his collection. The Lotus Europa is a Soviet copy of the Mebetoys model it is 1:43 scale and the engine cover opens the opposite way to the real car (or the Dinky model).


Bases of models made in USSR

The Matchbox Pony Trailer was the first model I bought this month and comes with “Polizei” markings and two black horses. The model was more commonly in yellow with white horses. This would have originally come in a twin set with a Mercedes 280GE in similar livery. I considered what would be a suitable tow car in a previous post: A Pony Trailer in need of a tow


Pony Trailer “Polizei”

The final model is of a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT5oo by Kinsmart in 1:38 Scale. I already have many Mustangs and many Kinsmart models but it is such an iconic design, I couldn’t resist having another.


Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

5 Models: 3 Made in USSR, 1 Kinsmart, 1 Matchbox,

4 from Drybridge Market, 1 Vagzlis Basroba

Cost: 61 lari ($26.70)


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