Hot Wheels copies

A while ago , I posted about Chinese crap here in Georgia I find a lot of models which aren’t what they appear to be at first glance.


Only the model on the right is genuine Hot Wheels.

Many models are packaged as “Hot Wheel” without the final s, as you can see from the above picture the packaging is designed to look like Hot Wheels with the flame logo.

The pick up on the left is identified wrongly as a ‘71 Custom Camaro  the car in the centre is just identified as a “Super Speed Car“, as were the other models in the same shop.


In Chita : Hot Wheel Super Speed cars


Hot Wheels cars have a lot of information on the base, these cars have nothing, the base is clear metal, the body is plastic. It doesn’t even read “Made in China” (that is on the packaging).


blank base

In Chita the “Hot Wheel” cars retailed at 3.30 lari ($1.41), this compares with 6.90 lari ($2.96) for genuine Hot Wheels in other retail outlets (Super, Pepela and XS Toys). It is not just Hot Wheels being copied, there are a lot of Lego Copycats, too.


Fake Lego

If you look at the Ninja logo in the centre carefully it reads “LEBQ” but looks like Lego from a distance.

chinura kharakhura 006

Both are identified as “Custom ’71 Camaros”

China and Georgia are both lax, when it comes to copyright enforcement.


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