Monthly Acquisitions: September 2016

The month was going well for my wallet until some new Hot Wheels stock appeared in Super and Carrefour, many of the Hot Wheels models I’d been searching for  (Hot Wheels Wants’ List) turned up including the Ford Escort RS 1600 and the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine (I now have two Escorts and 3 Submarines).


September haul

The first car, I picked up in the month was a VW Bug (Hot Wheels) from Drybridge Market, there followed a Hot Wheel copy “Super Speed car“(see: Hot Wheels copies ) and an Opel Speedster (Maisto) from the local market in Varketili. A little later in the month, I found a MajoretteMilitary Zone: Ground Force” Three Pack on special offer in Pepela (the set comprising of a tank with swivelling turret, a Hummer and a Army Convoy Truck). Then on 20th September, I ventured into Super in Vake, expecting the same selection as usual and found the Ford Escort RS1600, which I’d been looking for ages. It wasn’t the first model to catch my eye, the first was Crate Racer, a Hot Wheels vehicle with Rolamatics like action, the engine shakes as it rolls.


Rolamatics Action…engine rocks

Visiting Super and Carrefour in Tbilisi Mall, later in that week, I found they had new stock, too. I had to hold back to stop myself overspending.


Hot Wheels: Two Ford Escort RS1600, Crate Racer, Beatles Yellow Submarine x2, Honda Odyssey and DeLorean DMC

I left some nice models like the BMW Z4, Acura Integra and Time Attaxi on the pegs.


Carrefour Pegs

Two late additions, found at Drybridge Market after I wrote this post: a Hot Wheels Lamborghini Estoque and a Norev Triumph TR5.


Triumph TR5 and Lamborghini Estoque

On another visit to Drybridge Market, late in September (28th),  I found this Maisto Denver Pumper, which looks very similar to a Matchbox Fire Pumper from the late sixties. I wonder if Maisto got hold of some old Matchbox moulds.


Maisto Denver Pumper (Matchbox Fire Pump Truck #29 on screen)

Totals: 17 Models. 10 Hot Wheels, 3 Majorette, 2 Maisto, 1 Hot Wheel (sic), 1 Norev

4 from Drybridge market, 1 from Chita, 1 from Varketili Market, 3 from Pepela (Tbilisi mall), 4 from Super (Vake), 3 from Carrefour (Tbilisi Mall) and 1 from Super (Tbilisi Mall)

Total Cost: 85.80 lari ($29)


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