Dinky Triumph Herald

Dinky Toys are the granddad of British Diecasts, introduced way back in 1931 as “Modelled Miniatures”. I only have three in my collection, the third, I found this month at Drybridge Market, a model of a Triumph Herald (#189). This model was produced from 1960 to 1964, so is one of the very few models in my collection older than me.


Dinky Triumph Herald

The late fifties and early sixties were an interesting time in British diecast, as Corgi had arrived on the scene in 1956 in direct competition with Dinky and having amongst other innovations, acrylic windows in the cars. In April 1958, the Austin A105 was the first Dinky fitted with windows. Other innovations at the time were two tone paint, and spun wheel hubs (which first appeared on the De Soto Fireflite in late 1958), the Triumph has these but it doesn’t have an interior or any opening parts. The first enclosed Dinky model with an interior was the Kennebrake Standard Atlas Van (released in May 1960). The MGB model of October 1962, was the first Dinky to feature opening doors.


Picture from “Collectors Gazette” July 2016

Later models had many opening parts, my Dinky Cadillac Eldorado which was introduced in 1969 has opening doors, tipping seats, opening bonnet (hood) and opening boot (trunk).


Dinky Triumph Herald (1960-64) and Cadillac Eldorado (1969-72)

Both cars also feature suspension and treaded tires.

For more about Dinkys, here is an earlier post: Dinky Toys



5 thoughts on “Dinky Triumph Herald

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    • I just measured the herald and it is 8.3 cm long, the real car is 388.6cm, which would suggest 1:47. I’m not sure if Dinky were all at the same scale, but at a suitable size to fit in the box.

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